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Dla to Pip

Hi everyone, I have my pip assessment on Monday and feeling extremely nervous, at the moment I am on DLA HRM and LRC, was wondering if any of you have gone for an assessment and were on DLA but been refused PIP. When I first put in for DLA I was refused after an assessment at home, so I appealed and went in front of tribunal, and won and had it back dated, which was a relief, just don't think I could go through that again though, thanks for listening xxxx

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The main difference is the mobility on DLA it is 50 Metres max on PIP it is 20 Metres, which is a farce as gov building regs for disabled, state entrances to disability parking should not be more than 50 metres? This is for Government buildings.

Take as much supporting information regards your conditions and any changes that have happened since the last claim that have impacted on your life more.

Be Well


Thank you for your reply, this is really helpful, will let everyone know what outcome is xxxxx


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