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Hi guys, I’m margaret, 57yrs live in Crookston in glasgow. I’ve had Fybromyalgia for 17 yrs, I’m house bound now and have some homehelp from Cordia in glasgow, anyway my most recent upset and has caused a major flare up is this getting moved off my DLA lifetime award to this fri**in Edited by Admin PIP esa, it’s caused me such pain and distress I can’t begin to explain, I’d love to hear from anyone who has gone through this recently, I’m actually getting a home visit for my assessment this week, I’ve had constant thought of just taking all my meds and ending this vicious cycle, I feel like we now live in a Edited by Admin state where the sick and disabled are persecuted for being a burden on the state. Sorry for this bleak outlook but it’s how I feel.

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Hi Margaret61 sorry to hear how much you are struggling. I have just recently gone from DLA to PIP successfully if you would like some help please pm as I am more than happy to help if I can.

I know it seems very daunting believe me I understand, I have bipolar as well as Fibro. It is worth the effort although at this moment in time it doesn’t feel like it! Take care. X M x

Hi margret you will be fine everyone has to go onto pip from DLA .once they see your housebound and have homehelp you shoukd be ok .they will go through your forms with you and ask some questions they are not sure about just answer you cannot do it your housebound and got homehelps and be clear .everyone had to get an assessment 1st time for pip .you can be in bed for assessment and have someone with you. I have been on a few home visits helping it is generally ok and i would be surprised if you have any problems try calm down a bit take care


hi Margaret,

I'm not too far from you (in Elderslie) ... I went through the DLA to PIP changeover about a year ago now ... and agree with how stressful it all is, but hopefully the fact that you are housebound and have help coming in, that will go in your favour towards a successful decision.


Hey like you I was dreading the change over thought it would take a longtime, had my home visit was 23rd December 2016 got my decision 13th January 2017 got high & high beware though they can lead you into a false security they can be deviouse, try to have someone with you, in my report theyed put things I'd never said. Just be you & how your feeling, I've suffered from sever depression for years but have learnt to mask it with strangers that also went against me, as I got high high it didn't matter but it could of done. When she left she shook my hand, I said wow that hurt me, I don't no if she was trying me or not haha. Margaret you'll be fine will be thinking of you please let me no how you got on😉😉

So sorry to hear what you are going through. I pray and hope that it will all work out in your favour. You are right, people who are genuinely ill are made to go through so much. Probably because there's so many people who are abusing the system. I think the fact that you had indefinite DLA and are in receipt of care should help you to get PIP. Hope your assessment goes well.

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