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Pelvic pain

Can anyone tell me if they try to do too much ' normal' stuff like walking around a store or staying on their feet too long do they suffer from pubic synthesis disorder! This one's a new one with me ! I've come to the stage where I cannot walk up the stairs or hardly walk! Feel like I'm truly disabled today!! I suffered with it when I was pregnant with my twins 18yrs ago and now it's hit me again! Does anyone have any suggestions?xxx

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Hi there 😀

I'm so sorry you are suffering to such a degree, I personally haven't experienced this, but I know from reading other members' posts that people do, and it certainly is crippling and difficult to manage. I will try and find some of the posts about it and get back to you.

In the meantime I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes your way in the hope that they may ease your suffering even just a little bit !

Foggy x


I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. As a man I cannot physically develop SPD.

Excerpt From What To Expect - Pregnancy Website

It means the ligaments that normally keep your pelvic bone aligned during pregnancy become too relaxed and stretchy. This, in turn, can make the pelvic joint — aka the symphysis pubis — unstable, causing some pretty strange sensations and sometimes pain.

It would appear that a hormone called Relaxin is responsible for causing this pain:

Excerpt From What To Expect - Pregnancy Website

The hormones behind heartburn and muscle contractions during pregnancy wear many hats, including taking responsibility for loose joints and breast milk production.

I would definitely discuss your situation with your GP or Medical Professional as SPD should disappear after childbirth as the levels of Relaxin the hormone responsible for SPD should decrease and stay that way. Therefore it may be a different medical condition that is affecting you at this time?

I have kept the link to this site and if you wish it you can send me a private message requesting it and I will forward it to you. I am sorry but due to the fact it carried adverts I cannot place it openly on the thread.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi, funny enough, just about 6 or 7 weeks ago, I took pains in my pelvic area. It only lasted for a day or two but it was quite painful. This only happened one other time and that was in the third trimester of my last pregnancy; which was in 1997. Also, in between those times but not very often, I have felt like a pressure feeling or a heaviness around my pelvic bone- I can actually feel a slight pressure feeling right now as I'm typing this. Take care, Mags x


Hi I am so sorry this is causing you distress. I must admitt I had not heard of it and rushed of red up a bit. I agree with Ken I think a discussion with your GP is in order to a lay your fears.

Bests wishes



Hi there

I've had this for about a year now. It's awful but I have found rubbing 10% ibuprofen gel right into the worst pain very helpful be careful where you put it though . Guy's aren't sure which of my diseases are causing it but it could be the steroids .I hope this helps.

Good luck Jan h xx


I get this too to some degree. It comes back now and again. I have got used to it like all my other aches and pains!


Sorry to hear u r having the pelvic pain. I have had that on and off now for about 3 years . Told my GP and then don't do anything just tell me to take Tylenol, no relief. Just with in the past year it has changed in pain and now feels like I have a fracture in it. Most the time it's like it is tilted and I pee on one side of my buttocks. Hope ur doctors help u and not let it get worse. Good luck and praying for you


I've had this since I had a fall from my wheelchair a few years ago. The treatment I swear by is chiropractic adjustment. It's the best thing EVER!! I've been having regular adjustments now for 3 years, since the incident with the wheelchair.

I was just saying to my hubby that I have to phone tomorrow and get an appt as my jaw is so painful and needs a tweak. It may not be for everyone but has worked wonders on me.

Good luck


I know exactly what you mean when I've done too much I sometimes get this and it does feel very much like I felt whilst pregnant it's like a heavy feeling and aches terribly .i actually find it hard to walk when it happens. I just put my feet up for a while and it seems to improve .just one of the many symptoms we have to put up with and painkillers don't improve it I've found .


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