Joint pain?

Hi! Does anyone get joint pain and burning/tingling around their joints, back, ribs, etc, after activity? I've just tried to a bit of tidying up in the garden in the lovely sunshine and now every joint and muscle is moaning and groaning at me like I've done a huge work out! This morning we had a short walk by the sea.............but, when I got home my legs felt "shocked" like they didn't belong to me!! Does this sound like Lupus? x

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  • sounds more like Fibromyalgia, I get real bad burning sensation in my elbows with pain, but i do get aching and restlessness in my legs after walking and the next day I feel like they are not my limbs. I can not get any meds that do not make me feel very sleepy as I feel I am sleeping my life away and do not like that feeling of forced sleep. I over do it as they say when I am feeling like I have lots of energy but the next few days I suffer teribly. Trying to limit and control the amount you do is so hard as I have alwyas been active and find things a struggle when I can not do the things I used to do. I dont think it sounds like lupus but more Fibro than anything but go to your Dr and asked to be refered to the hospital for more tests to determine exactly what it is .. hope this helps

    gentle huggs Nutty x

  • Whatever it is, Honey, you need to have a proper diagnosis, as the symptoms you describe could indicate a number of conditions. It might be a good idea to see your GP as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, try some paracetamol and a nice hot bath. This should take the edge off your discomfort until you can arrange some proper treatment.

    Moffy x

  • Thank you both. I'm going for bloods next week (having to pay as GP won't take me seriously!) and hopefully get some answers from my lovely rheumatologist! I'm just grasping at straws and looking for answers! Ibruprofen and paracetamol take the edge off the pain and sensations thankfully, but what is strange as soon as I get the symptons I get anxiety as well, a bit like my body doesn't like what is happening to my head apparently ;)


  • This sounds like ME to me but thats something you need to see your doc about. That was my symptom when i was diagnosed with fibro, I now have pain in every joint and ache like crazy after any amount of physical activity. My gp has just refered me to ME clinic, That was the first time i was aware of having ME. Ive rsearched it and ME is not soemthing to be taken lightly so see your doc. ((Soft hugs)) A warm bath with epson salts is supposed to be good for that. Im yet to try it myself!! xxx

  • Oh, I hadn't even thought about ME, yikes! Do you mind if I ask what your symptoms are other than joint pain? I get all sorts of odd things happening!

  • Well it sounds like me, I have had this on and off for a year. My shins burn more on the right , I feel like I'm walking with someone else's legs at times. My hips are in pain when I've walked a long way and I get pain in the back of my knees, ankles and toes yes toes,, it's weird , it does go with rest . I often wake in pain thro the night when I've done too much that day. I have heard Lupus ! lymes desease and others referring to these complaints quiet often . It's always a god idea to mention it to your doctor . I hope you feel better soon x

  • Sorry to say, it all sounds normal for fibro to me. I've had it for 5yrs now. There are only slight differences between fibro, me n lupus etc so defo need a proper diagnosis. Write all symptoms down for doc, however slight. Check the fibro pain points test (as u'll hav it for diagnosis)....18 points on the body where u cant b touched wivout pain. 11/18 plus history = fibro. Sorry ure joinin us xx

  • Thanks kazani. Getting bloods done this week, so slowly moving forward. Sometimes the points on the body that are supposed to be tender with fibro hurt and other times don't! Very confusing! This morning can't move my neck and upper back is stuck!!


  • Honey, hugs for yr discomfort x

    You could well have a form of RA like I do, a reactive kind like me. ESR levels in yr blood tests would confirm. Naproxen is commonly prescribed for both fibro and RA, to moderate the burning in joints. The sinovial fluid becomes like acid and meds are needed to stabilise things. The two conditions are often linked. Again, more women than men have RA!

    Good luck with yr tests and please update us on results. Keep on at yr GP too x

  • my esr results are always slightly up everytime i have a blood test but only very slightly, my joints are forever hurting me and a new sympton in the last few weeks is a burning sensation like i have been burnt with an iron so painful clothes hurt when this happens but too bloody cold to go naked lol. hope you get it sorted and get a diagnosis

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