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Sleepless in Bedford

Good morning all fellow sufferers, well not such a good morning.i had a better day today I Evan went to bed at 10pm,then woke at 12.15 with terrible pain all down my right side,no sleep for me. It's not fair that you can occasionally feel not to bad but then you pay for doing a few things around the so fed up can't cope any more do I have this to look forward to for the rest of my life. I just took some extra tramodol proberly shouldn't have but I need it to dull down a bit so I can get some rest.

Sorry for the winging I know you all suffer too 😂. But I can't tell any one else coz their all asleep !!

Thanks for listening,

Tired sweetpee. X

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Hi Sweetpee

I am so sorry to read this, and I genuinely hope that you manage to get a good sleep and feel better tomorrow.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you fingers crossed 😴


Sorry to hear that you struggled to sleep due to pain.

I'm still coming to terms with th condition and finding a balance, I'm having trouble to say the least!

Hopefully you got some rest and when I'm laid awake I also post here, it helps me to get it off my chest and not stress about not sleeping!

Clare xx


hi, I used to take tramadol, did help my pain, but interfered with my sleep terribly. x


I know what you mean. I hurt nearly everyday. If I'm sitting standing or laying down. I can't seem to get no relief. I had to stop working last year. I couldn't seem to get up I hurt all the time.I had a knee scopey done torn ligaments and cartaleg messed up.I been to the dr for IBS.I just don't know what to do.Can I try for disability. I'm always weak I can't get a break.Now they say I have DJD of the bone.Do Fibro do all of this?


Hi, I get this, can't sleep then do like a log on one side and it goes numb and I wake in pain and find it difficult to turn over onto the other side without stress, pain and waking my partner up.

A general help for sleep after decades of struggling is Ambien a prescription tablet which works for me and yes you can take a second one if you wake up in night. Only very occasionly done this. It is widely used in states but is available in UK if Dr looks it up in his Meds book!

Hope you have a better night tonight.

Patrick x


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