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Anyone had problem updating profile?

I'm. trying to update my profile, 1st update since joining fibroaction in May 2012. i get down to the bottom and attempt to save changes, message pops up rejecting my postcode in the UK. i've checked and tried many times, same thing. I tapped on help and sent an email a few days ago. Just had another look, where guidelines suggest also posting my problem to see if anyone else has had similar and found the answer?

Tulip :) xx

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Hi tulips, I'm sorry you're having such a problem- sadly I don't have the knowledge to solve your problem, it may be an easier option to create a new account but with I don't have the knowledge to solve your problem, it may be an easier option just a slight change to your username and then you can create a new profile with all the information in it that you want.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help and hope that you managed to overcome this problem man i'm sorry I can't be of more help and hope that you manage to overcome this problem and get your your profile correctly updated.

Foggy x


Thank you Foggy, a very logical suggestion. dont knock it. it's not as if i've much else to do, perhaps after my next nap :) Tulip (for now, anyway lol) xx


I am so sorry to read that, and it could be happening for several reasons. It may be easier (As Foggy says) simply to open a new account.

I wan to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


thank you Ken. i think you're right. keep well. Tulip xx


You could send an email to the techies and they may help. so go and you will find a responce form that should generate help I HOPE.



tried that some days ago, they haven't responded but the site suggests posting to see if anyone else has solved the problem. it's ok, perhaps i will create a new a/c, seems to be a logical option. we survive on HOPE :) xx


Agree with both the above. Try an email or a new a/c. I keep losing my photo for some reason. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes really annoying.


no energy to sustain annoying, if i cant do it it's not the end of the world. i hope. xx


no energy


Hello Tulips123,

I would consider speaking to the technical team at HU either by clicking on the Help on the green bar at the top of the community or sending an email using

It might be they have been doing updates and the issue is now resolved - so please try again before speaking to them.

Hope you are able to change it soon

Best Wishes

Emma :)


Hi Emma Sent the email a few days ago, no reply as such but it did suggest posting my problem to see if anyone else had solved it. 2 sensible suggestions, success so thank you. I hope you're well. Tulip xx :)


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