HELP! How do I edit my Profile (Bio) please?

I removed my original bio as I wanted to re-do and amend it. I removed the original text a little while ago.

I've clicked on the "EDIT" button and typed everything in and then scrolled to the bottom of the page and clicked on the Green Save button. But, it doesn't save 😕

I'm not a complete technophobe so can anyone advise what the problem is and how I can update my bio.

Thanks 😀

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  • Try logging out an in again then try save again x

  • Ok, will try that . .

  • It didn't work! 😞😟

  • Hi, Unless there is others having the same issues it may be something to do with your search provider. Try clearing up your old history and cache this is what I do. Uf that fails try viewing it in a private window see how that go's. Good luck xx


  • Tried a private tab and that didn't work ☹️

  • Hi

    Sometimes it depends upon what device you're using.

    I know that you can only change your profile pic on a laptop and not via a mobile phone or tablet.

    If you have access to a computer or laptop try on there. Hopefully you may have some success!

    Good luck

    Lu xx

  • Hi, I didn't want to change the profile pic so that's not an issue. I'm typing this on my hubby's iPad and tried to redo my bio / about me again. Guess what? . . It didn't work! 🙁

  • Maybe desquinn could help. Do you have a pc you can try it on? I am not aware of any issues with the forum. But I will flag it up for you xx

  • Thanks Dizzytwo

  • I was just trying to say that it often helps with editing etc on a laptop or computer xx

    (For tigerlily72 )

  • I'm returning to work tomorrow so if I remember I'll try it from a desktop (proper) PC as opposed to my Kindle Fire or hubby's iPad.

  • trying from a pc would be the best idea. Otherwise contact HU support with the issue and I am sure they can help.

    you should be able to change your profile within a mobile app or website.

  • Thanks for your help desquinn I hope you can get it to work now tigerlily72 good luck xx

  • Thank you 😀

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