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Don't forget to buy our FibroAction wristbands for International Fibro Awareness Day - May 12th 2015!

Don't forget to buy our FibroAction wristbands for International Fibro Awareness Day - May 12th 2015!

High quality, debossed and ink filled 100% synthetic silicone wristbands - see picture >>>

Because there is sometimes confusion between the International Awareness Colour for Fibro of purple and the yellow & black used in the UK by some Fibro organisations, we have produced a wristband set, with one wristband in purple and one in yellow.

Wear them both!

Wear your favourite!

Mix and match!

Keep one & give one to a family member or friend!

You'll be raising awareness whichever you do! :)

FIBRO AWARENESS WRISTBAND SET (1 yellow & 1 purple): £2.50 per set (PLUS P&P)

Buy yours here > fibroaction-public.sharepoi...

If you are quick you they should be delivered before Awareness Day !

Please Note If you have trouble with the link which appears to be tempremental attimes please email me using as I may be able to help! :)

Wear your bands with pride & get people talking Fibro ! :)

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Hi, have not received mine yet ordered over a week ago, hope they arrive for the day!!


Hello Maxwellous,

Can you please email me using so I can look into it.

Many Thanks



I had forgotten about the wrist bands, I bought some last year and I will have to have a good look for them!

Thanks for sharing this information

Ken x x


The link works but when you click on 'buy now' it won't let you! Is it just me?

Debs <3


Hello Rainbow_chaser,

Sorry you've experienced issues with the paypal button, as I said in the post it has been a bit hit and miss lately due to technical problems with website. If you would like to email me using I'll see if I can help

Best Wishes

Emma :)


I have always thought it was purple. Who uses black and yellow? Not being rude just not aware of it. 😊


Hello Hartleyhare2,

You are right that it is more commonly purple used for awareness of Fibro but there has been yellow & black dots used to represent the tender points. Some Fibro charities use logos with yellow & black - our logo is a yellow butterfly so we sell the bands in a set of purple & yellow.

This way people can choose which ever one they want :)

Hope this helps

Emma :)


Hi Mdaisy, thanks for your reply, I have today received my wristbands & will wear them with pride, especially on 12th May. xx

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That's great Maxwellous Thank You for supporting FibroAction & helping to raise awareness :)


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