Hi Granniescrochet

Have you ever thought of a few days cruise where you can use a wheel chair, I have seen quite a number of people who suffer pain and disabilities on these cruises, I am sure your Husband would be happy to go on one with you and if he wanted to go ashore he would be free to do so while you could stay on board and chat to other people. My knees and

hips do not work too well and if I do not feel like going ashore my friend goes off to explore.Think about it as you would find it very relaxing.

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  • If any one is interested in taking a cruise you may find this information useful.


  • Hi weemac4

    Yes we have been on a couple of cruises and we both love it, I hear what your saying but it's not me staying onboard I love to get off and explore, but I'm frightened I won't be able to do this, I'm havering problems at home just going upstairs so what chance do I have walking around oh I wish I could wave a wand and this would all go away, but it won't so as someone once said to me "suck it up princess and get on with it"

    Thanks tho for your suggestion. I'm now Lizzie 57

  • sorry about your problems Lissie on my last cruise I could not get off the ship for various reasons but still enjoyed myself with other company, but then again I am perhaps a lot older than you and I can understand you want to explore,I did too but just cannot do so now. My biggest problem now is finding a ship with single cabins or do not load a single traveller, if you know of any please let me know nd I prefer to sail from Scottish Ports. All best wishes

  • Hi lizzie, what about taking a scooter with you, you could then still explore and keep up with your husband. I know they sre allowed on planes so surely boats would allow it ?

  • You are giving me some ideas though? I like the sound of a cruise this year?

    Thank you


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