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Hi I just wanted to ask some advice. I have Fibro, PBC, Raynauds and a few other ailments that affect my knees, hips and feet. I do still manage to work full time, despite feeling exhausted, and in some form of pain too, most of the time ( I really love my job).

Recently a new development is shortness of breath, intermittent back/chest pain and dizzy/lightheadedness, I have had ECG and 24 hr heart monitor, it appears that heart is ok just beating a little slower than normal, but GP wants to rule out underlying heart condition as there is a slight history of heart problem in the family. She wants me to undertake a rigorous treadmill examination: this is where I need advice. I am worried that due to the fibro and other conditions affecting my muscles and joints (particularly from hips down) this will have a very detrimental effect on me, although it would put everyone mind at rest re my heart. I just wondered if anyone else has come up against this issue and whether it helped or not. My grown up kids laughed when I first told them and then expressed their concerns. My GP has left it up to me to decide if I should do it. HELP !!!

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I think that i would go but explain to them that if you start to feel ill in any way you will stop.

Trying to keep going when feeling dizzy and light headed could lead to a faint.

They may also ,by then, have enough info for a diagnosis. :)

Good luck, Sue x


That is a difficult one? My own personal opinion if it were me would be to tolerate the pain and concentrate on the possible serious stuff like a heart condition? But we are all individuals and if you genuinely can't face this then tell them?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with whatever you decide to do?

A;ll my hopes and dreams for you


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You could try asking them to do a 'tilt table test' instead which would test for how well your body manages things like heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, body temperature. Orthostatic intolerance it's called and is commonly associated with fibro and hypermobile patients.

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I am going on Tuesday to have the same prosegia. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine, I was worried for the same reason you are, but I would urge you to take the test, maybe helpful to catch any heart problems sooner rather than later. Good luck, gentle hugs to you. Anne.

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Hi Thank you all for the replies, I think it has helped me decide I will have to do this, plus have had a couple more episodes of chest pain and dizziness. It can just be so embarrassing having to say I have Fibro and pain here and pain there and sound like a hypochondriac. Plus little scared about how I will feel after or the next day !!!


In 2006 I had chest pain and stomach pain when going to the ER. A test I had done previously elsewhere, they were able to get THE RESULTS for my stomach and saw I had gallstones but they felt the possible heart issue to be dealt with first. Due to the fact I couldn't walk/ run on treadmill for test the next day after being admitted I had a nuclear stress test where YOU lay down , they full your veins with contrast and speed up your heart as if u had run, just an fyi as that is an option.( No heart issue then discovered) Yrs later i go for a CT and have a terrible reaction to a contrast.Good luck!


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