Chronic pain sufferers!!!

Hi guy's, just got up and BBC breakfast were just showing a piece on chronic pain sufferers.. Fibro or cfs not mentioned, not think they have enough time to get technical!!!

was very interesting!! Talking to a sufferers, also to a person who doesn't feel pain which can be just as bad !!

talked to a scientist who was trying isolate the gene that stops the pain and trying to develop a medication to combat pain !!!! Wow

Try to watch


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  • Saw a bit of it just before I left for work :)

  • Thanks will try and get it on catchup.x

  • X

  • Sadly I missed that, sounds interesting!

  • Oh I saw that-which is fate having a helping hand!! As I hardly ever turn the TV on in the morning-if I do it really is only to listen to radio.

    It was a very interesting piece, especially as I had been talking last week to pain managent Dr about people who don't feel pain-before that I didn't even realise some people had that condition.

    Thank you for reminding me-must show my darly :)

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