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Hi Ellejm

Yes - you R right. Very sorry. I was told that a Standard Award was 4 points for each Component but, on looking on- line yesterday, its 8 points per Component, which, of course, means that 6 points per Component is a flat refusal, as you say. I was a bit 'flattened' too because I'm not too sure how my assessment went but never give up hope - we will be asking for a Reconsideration if necessary and then an Appeal if that's necessary - let's hope not.

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Hello sweetheart, don't worry, it's such a screwed up and silly way for the DWP to do things, as we all know care needs and mobility can be the same thing so what you thought was logical..

But of course we all know that this isn't about actually helping us, can't have people being too successful can they??

Thanks for posting this, it was very nice of you. Take care sweet xxx


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