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I am 28 and a mental health student nurse. I have been to the doctors twice already had blood tests which were normal and last time I was there she said it could be viral gave me co-codamol and asked me to make another app which is on 20th May. I feel she thinks im making this pain up, I feel like a balloon I feel every part of me is massive and swollen. I'm about tearing my hair out, I work with elderly mental health patients and even just drying a patient with a towel is causing pain in my fingers and wrists. This pain started off in my knees and has gradually took over my body. I'm the morning I'm so sore and stiff and I only feel it eases slightly through the day. I am almost sure it's fib I have all the symptoms.

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Hello Welcome to the site. I am sorry you feel you have fibro some times the knowledge we have of our own bodies can help us make a diagnosis before the doctors do. Having said that it is importAnt that you go back to your Doctor and if the pain killers are not helping go back before the 20th . Ask to be refered to a Rhemutatologist he/she will be able to give you a diagnosis.

I suggest you have a look at our mother site excellent resource center for fibro. It may help you mostly we have to learn how to deal with the pain.

Best wishes


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I am worried that I won't manage to qualify and work if this carries on. Also blaming my self as I over worked continuious to make extra money but have now realised money means nothing if you don't have your health.


Hi you really are not at fault, fibro takes over rather, wether we want it or not. Of course we dont want it. It does make life in general very difficult one thing you must try and start is to pace yourself. You are right there are many things more important than money but we need it for so many things in our lives.

It is like a house if you are lucky enough to have a six bedroom house you would fill it just the same as a 4 bed or 2 bed. I know it is hard not to take everyopportunity to work and get money but gradually you get to the point where your health and fun with family and friends is some how much more important.

You say you are worried you wont qualify - so tell me where do you hurt? How long have you been coping with the pain?Is it preventing you from going to work or destroying your off time? It may not be fibro but there are other conditions which are similar dont worry just get checked :)

Hope this helps a little come in and have a coffee with us on the chat bit

x Ginsing


Good morning. I cant add a lot to Gins lovely reply but i also say to have a look at our mother site.



I don't get swollen joints I just hurt all over and get very stiff, neck, shoulders, upper arms, hips and knees, so not sure if you have fibro, but you must get it checked out, tho they can not tell through blood tests, I also have arthritis in my lower spine, hip and knees, hope you feel better soon x


Hi, I'm no expert but you don't say what blood tests you have had. Have you had B12, Vit D, TSH, anaemia (Hb, ferritin), there are others but I can't think at the moment😝


I don't look swollen but feel swollen. The first app I could get was the 20th of May and as far as I'm aware I got tested for everything was 4 tubes worth. My knees are sore and 10 times worse when I have to kneel. My fingers feel stiff and have pain when need to use them for example open a bottle of juice I couldn't grip due to the pain. I am sore all over first thing in morning and feel like I can't put pressure on my feet when I first get up. It wakes me up through the night if I move. I have 2 small kids, job studying and a house. I have never really had any problems up until the last month.


I'm afraid I no longer take the Drs word for it when he/she says a blood test is "normal" what that seems to mean is that it is within the range. The problem is your result might be just within the range and you will be told it is normal. Take B12 for instance, I live in an area where the range is about the lowest in the country! Both me, my husband and son were all within the range (normal) but doing a bit of research I soon found that for optimal health our blood level needed to be much higher.

Go on you tube and search for Dr Chand, I saw him talk recently at a conference, about B12, he was amazing and has saved many lives.

Obviously B12 is only one test but you have to start somewhere.

Ask for a copy of your results with the ranges, you are legally allowed! You may be asked why you want it, you do not have to give a reason, but to be polite I usually say I want it for my records!

It is difficult doing all this when you feel so ill and you're also trying to work! But it is so difficult when you come away from the GP's still feeling ill and all you have been told is your bloods are normal.

Sorry, my mistake, it's Dr Chandy not Chand😀

You have small children too! My heart goes out to you, difficult enough doing all this when you are well.


Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I genuinely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun. I would definitely keep going back to see your GP and make your case and lay out exactly how you are feeling, and where, and what your pain is like and stick in there.

Fibro is usually diagnosed as and when other things are ruled out of the equation so please stay the course despite the pain. It will probably be the best way to get a diagnosis. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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