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Extreme foot pain

Hi everyone

Most of the time I experience foot pain but over the last day or two it's been so much worse. The only way I can describe it is that it feels like my bones are pushing out against my tendons because there is not enough room for them! An odd description I know but it feels like a horrible compression and it reduces me to tears. Does anyone else experience this?


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Hi tuscany

Hope you are generally well otherwise. I have similar problems with my feet and have for some years, some days it gets so bad that joints in the top of foot stick up.

it is not all negative though as I have found a useful stretch that does help to relieve a little .

This is how I find it best. With legs bent one feet on a foot stool if possible, gently bend toes up towards you, not all he way as you will strain the toe joints at the bottom. Gently tense the foot while lifting the heal and straight back to normal. Repeat 4 or 5 times and see if there is a slight difference. If it helps add to exercises.

Hope this will help

All the best , w00dbutcher


Yes but ive got hypermobility syndrome as well.


Hello, I'm new to this site and newly diagnosed but my foot pain is horrific, I also have a pulse vibration that is constant when my feet are bad, my consultant offered little help and I'm wondering about trying tens machine. Is be really interested to know if you find anything that gives you relief?


I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I must admit that on occasion that my feet give me excruciating pain akin to being to big for my shoes, and they burn something terrible. It is horrendous so you have my sincerest sympathies.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

Al my hopes and dreams for you



I sometimes get really bad pain in my ankles when I walk. Last night they were really bad when I left work and I had to walk a mile and a half home. (excruciatingly painful)!


Yes I have this like trekster I have hypermobility syndrome (EDS) too I have burning tendons and terrible stiffness in my feet and a gnawing pain that rarely stops. I use foot arches inserts that help me to walk a bit but can't go far without them becoming burning blocks of pain. Since going on Methlytrexate I have found the tendon pain is more manageable. I've found massage and yoga exercises to stretch feet a little help. Hope you find something I understand how this can wear you down. Hope you are feeling a little better now.


I get this too but in my entire leg and the painkillers don't ease it the top of my leg sometimes feels like the bone is pushing up into my hip and now the bottom of my leg has started to become painful and I struggle walking. Then I woke up this morning and my shoulder was really painful .its just nonstop every day being in pain.the one saving grace is that I do sleep quite well I take 75mg of amitryptilene at night. I have just started to take Vesicare for urge incontinence and I am 100% better I noticed an improvement after the first tablet so if anyone suffering from this I would recommend this medication. I have suffered for months with this and my doctor said it wasn't connected to fibro but I think it was .as we all know fibro affects the muscles and it was really strange when I wanted to pee I could hold for ages but as soon as I even thought about going to the toilet it was like my brain just kicked in and relaxed my muscles and I was having quite a few accidents so I am pleased these tablets are working .just think it's so depressing not knowing what you are going to wake up with next I can't remember a time when I have woken pain free .


I have the same and I described it to the doc last week as walking on broken bones. It's so painful even to stand up and put any pressure on them. I do flexing exercises thoughout the day. I'm on my feet a lot at work then walk home at night. At night in bed my feet are on fire. Doc is relucant to keep me on Naproxan for too long as I'm already taking Pregabalin and Sertralin, even though I also take Omeprazole. Thought I was alone with this as I got the impression the doc didn't believe me.


Thanks for all your replies. It does seem to be a lovely fibro symptom that many of us have to deal with. My heart goes out to those of you who have to walk long distances. I have had such a painful weekend as I had a flare up. The pain makes me feel hot and nauseous. My husband is understanding but I am sure he doesn't comprehend just how painful it is. I am so reliant on painkillers to feel anywhere near comfortable. The good thing is though, contrary to my tone, I do rarely let it get me down. I am starting to accept it now.

Wishing you all a comfortable, pain free day xxx


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