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I have never had a problem with the visiting the dentist until today. I had to have 2 fillings so I needed to have injections. Had one filling upper teeth and one on lower ones. I have never had pain like it, the injections were horrendous, at one point I thought I was going to pass out. Dentist did the fillings and I had to come straight home and go to bed after taking some painkillers. I felt dizzy and sick. My mouth is still painful and my teeth are really sensitive, and my TMJ is acting up.

After today I don't know if I will ever be able to go back again, which is something I never thought would happen as I am not afraid of the dentist never have been not ever as a child.

Anyone else have a bad experience with their dentist or found it really painful?


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Hi Caz...... I never had a problem with my teeth until a couple of years back. Mime seem to be decaying in the gum! Only found out when a filling came out and the tooth broke. Have been back and too ever since. To make it worse my dentist won't take any teeth out because I have PBC

Try explaining to your dentist, if they are as good as mine they will understand and go at a pace you find comfortable. Best of luck to you


I had a really painful scale & polish and have not been back since!



Yes I can relate hugely to your post.

I've told my dentist many many times that I have Fibromyalgia and cannot cope with the pain of fillings, etc. At my last appointment I insisted I could not have a filling without a pain killing injection. He basically refused as he said the filling was very small.

He started drilling and it was so painful I was crawling out of the chair. He finally gave me the injection but started drilling before the injection kicked in.

I've had Fibro for 30 years and have always had dreadful problems with my teeth even though I've cared for and looked after them brushing a minimum of twice per day.

I want to complain about my dentist but don't know how and fear another practice will not take me as a patient if I do.

BM x

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I am so genuinely sorry to read of how much pain you were in, and I genuinely hope that you are feeling better now? Please take care of yourself and try and rest up.

All my hopes and dreams for you



What a horrid experience- my sympathy I do hope it has calmed down now.




Thank you all for your replies.

I feel a little better this morning (mind you I think the couple of brandys I had last night helped. Lol) Jaw is still painful and I know from experience that it will take a few days to calm down.

Still not sure about going back to the dentist though.



I have. Now I make a preemptive strike and take a pain killer BEFORE I go to the dentist. It takes the edge off so I don't rip the dentist's face off.


I was always fine with the dentist until about 8 years ago when a local anaesthetic failed to work when I was having a small filling. The dentist insisted on continuing! I developed dental phobia and did not go to one for 3 years. Eventually I found the courage to visit a dentist in Swansea (2 hour drive each way) who specialises in dental phobia, and could also offer general anaesthetic. It was found that I needed 8 fillings!!! I had 2 sessions under GA - costing nearly £2000! I was able to visit her every 6 months - and gradually became less phobic. When it was found that I needed 2 small fillings last year, I decided to try a more local dentist who also specialises in nervous patients and could do it under sedation. I had this in November and it was a far less stressful experience than I thought. The only painful bit was getting the needle for the sedation in my hand. I can only remember a few conversations with the dentist - nothing about the actual treatment. I would definitely recommend this if local anaesthetic does not work for you. Go to a dentist regularly - you do not want to have extensive work like me! Ali x


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