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May be a silly question but im frightened of going to the dentist , I just make excuses but I do look after my teeth . Anyway I have an appoitment next monday for a check up , as my gums have started to throb , is this also part of fm , its effected everywere , my bladder , my eyes , head to toe , and ibs . I have developed a sweet tooth , I was diagnosed last sept with fm , but before I never had a sweet tooth , so I thought better get teeth checked . If any thing needs doing do we feel more than someone without fm ?as I only have to knock myself im soo sore .big hugs angie x

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  • in the same didnt go to the dentist for years and was scared of goign when I did pluck up the courage.what happened to free check ups?had to pay £17.50 fro a couple of minutes.disgusting

  • Hi there

    I go to dentist every month for check up but I grind my teeth really bad, so bad that I snap the metal pins holding in my crowns I have snapped every one , I have seven . I'm also terrified of dentist it's the jag I can't stand every time I go I convince myself I won't need a jag, if I no I need one I don't turn up so my dentist is great at check up if I need a filling she does it there and then so I don't sit all day sweating about goin back. Take care m

  • What's a jag? :-)

  • I'm the same, absolutely hate the dentist. I only go when I have to :-(

  • Hi there,I can so relate to you as iam very frightened as well.Ever since I had a tooth out and I nearly passed out as the experience brought on a panic attack.Didnt go for Years but needed to register kids so registered myself as well.Cos I hadn't been to dentist for a while my poor son didn't go and ended up having to have a tooth out,he was so brave.Well,watching it and hearing the crunch of the tooth started another attack and by the time it was my appointment I ended up bursting into tears half way through and getting out of dentist chair.After that I didn't go back for a while and when I did I kept missing appointments,the dentist refused to see me after that.I did pluck the courage up to go back as kids needed check ups and I saw a different dentist.Ive had 2 fillings done which were not too bad and gotta have 1 more at my next appointment.I think with fibro we are just sensitive to just about everything.I too have a very sweet tooth which I had before fibro and which has been made worse by my meds iam on.Which meds are you on?as I find the dosulepin and pregabalin give me sweet cravings x

  • Hi, im on lycria , but before these I was on tramadol and still wanted anything sweet lol x

  • There are dentists that specialize in fibro patients mine does, roughly where are you x

  • hi , I live in Rossendale Lancashire x

  • Yes, it is normal with fibro to feel pain upto 3 times more than someone without fibro. So only soft hugs etc. Big soft hugs to you and take care not to knock yourself too much.

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