Overwhelmed with anxiety & uncertainty with my PIP appointment tomorrow.

Dont know what to expect, wish i could change my frame of mind.

Have Fibro on the last legs of sickness leave with work, worked all my life... seen people laughing at the system with their benefits, just hate the thought im thought of as another Fibro claimant , just no confidence. Have read lots of PiP mail on here but feel abag of nerves.

Need reassurance I guess . 😞

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  • Hi there so sorry to hear your so worried but perfectly understand why. They will probably ask you to tell them how you do things in your day the one thing I will tell you is to let them know how you do it for instance when you make dinner or you maybe supported there. Can you stand or do you need to use an aid e.g. perching stool. If your applying and supported as in does your doctor know about all of your condition and how you struggle with it . Does it exhaust you do you pace how you do it , these are the things you must put in to how you do things. Im presuming you do or you wouldn't be applying for it. lol Well this isn't a guarantee but this will help the assessor know what to write down for the decision maker. Please don't exaggerate just be yourself just how you are from when you get up to when you sleep. Also if you've been awarded a walk in shower from the local social services or aids this all adds for support. Well I have to go now and really hope it goes as it should for you, when it was my time to be awarded they did so, so don't worry to much and good wishes for you.fibro friend. xx

  • Thank you for yourkind reply. I dont have a walk in shower have no help at all with fibro. My ESR reading 80 but all down to fibro...

    Hope i sleep tonight ... Night Royalspec01xx

  • I just wanted to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with yoru assessment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken

  • Everyone gets nervous about the meetings which is quite unfair just because you can't see what our bodies are putting us through we are deemed fit to work. What about the tiredness and forgetfulness which I'm finding really bad, I'm not allowed near cooker as I put an egg on for breakfast as I thought but when I remembered pot was totally dried out and no egg, I could have sworn I put one in lol. Just let them know how bad it is for you. It isn't the person that your seeing today that makes the decision (if that helps you to know that) they are just like a secretary taking notes. I hope this might give you peace. All the best 🌟🌹

  • Thank you x

  • Wishing you the best!

  • Nerves all time high. .. Thank you korikat1

  • the assessor who came to my home ( nurse ) totally fabricated her report i had to complain to Capita, she twisted everything i said and watched me like a hawk, needless to day it didnt do her any good, because she parked her car 50 meters from my home, she assummed that's where my husband parks his car and that i could infact walk 50 meters to the car, when infact the car is parked 8 meter's from the house, i took photographs of the car park and where our car is parked and sent them to the complaints manager at the PIP centre.

  • Have you had any response back from the complaints manager. My appointment this afternoon. .. why we made out criminals so stressful.

    THank you for your reply

  • yes i was dissalowed from higher rate dla to pip based on Capita's report so i complained and asked the decsion to be looked at again by the claims manager, and then the PIP manager rang me and gave me her direct number they sorted it all out within 2 weeks and gave me advanced rate for both and backdated 6 months PIP

  • Glad to hear it was all sorted. But still stressful & just trying to pull wool ovet ur eyes. Glad you stuck to ur guns a lot dont .

    Not sure how mine went. Will wait & see.

  • im not sure wether all the health professionals are dodgy with their reports but i have heard alot of complaints from people who have said that their reports have also been fabricated, because they picked up letters or medication to show the health assessor and then they reported that movements made showed an ability to move around etc, also they look at you to see if your anxiouse.

  • Yes watched with the beady eye i felt but will see what the outcome is.

  • Are you kidding me? Who the hell are these people who laugh at a fibro claimant? I'll personally kick their asses. I've been in hell for the past 12 years of disability. For a very long time when I went to bed at night, I would pray to God that I wouldn't wake up. If it weren't for morphine and oxycodone, I wouldn't be alive today. The pain is so intense at times, like now, I can barely walk and typing (which used to be my job) is very difficult. I'm happy that here in the U.S. at least I'm given a little money to live on, which also isn't easy, but its better than dying. People have no idea who those of us with fibro suffer on a daily basis. I overdid it yesterday and now until the next week, I'll be suffering so badly I'll be confined to bed. Tell the assholes to shut their pie holes.

  • Haha I like what you say ! Unfortunately here they ask you how it is effecting your everyday life, you tell them and they write it down only to be told weeks later that they wrote the complete opposite and you are not entitled to pip. I wonder are they paid for amount they turn down. It is not fair and you have to wait for that dreaded brown envelope coming through the door.I was turned down, but lucky for me I had to see a Dr about my depression and he asked me if I was in receipt of benefits I told him I had an atos meeting in a couple of days he then asked if anyone was in my corner to help me (he asked my dr or someone, I said no) and he said i will have a letter from him to take with me as he knows how they work. True to his word i received the letter which I handed over and went through another interview which interviewer was really nice, tried to put me at ease and must have wrote down what I told her because a few weeks later dreaded brown envelope came through the door decision overturned. I didn't want to write this yesterday as I knew what 55lady was going through, and now she just has to wait on outcome. I hope all went well for her and if we were criminals we wouldn't go through all this stress it's because we are innocent law abiding citizens made to feel like we are doing something wrong. Why did we pay the insurance while we worked 😟 A lot of people who have never worked a day in their life just sale through the benefit system here and worse still take it to the country they are from and live like kings and have the cheek to go on television and say thank you England you make life easy for me 😖😖 aargh... Sorry it's turning into a rant now lol All the best for 55lady and others who are going through this. Big Hugs x oh and I'm from Scotland x

  • Not much different in the U.S. They always turn you down on the first try for Social Security Disability, but I fought back hard and even called my senator's office. Its that so few docs know anything about fibro. Hey, May 12th is International Fibromyalgia Day. Spread some awareness if you can.

  • I'm glad you fought back and it was successful, I dare say a lot of people take the decision of we aren't getting it and don't try again,which is a shame they should be made aware that you can appeal. I've come to the conclusion with my Drs you self diagnose but that's another story.

  • Not that easy evey individual case is anaizied different. ..

    Smiling at your mail , Thank you for making me smile 😊

  • Cant thank you enough Willowpal for being so thoughtful.

    Seen to early long story. ... which i might be laughing at one day ...

    daughter supported me was very ill with a virus her colour changed all shades...

    im sure how it went but all i can say the young lady was mavellous but i was rigid with nerves & to explain infront of my daughter things i tryed to keep from her.

    This is a brilliant site , helps me tremendously, im not miuch to express my inner self but this has helped me not bottle up so much.

    Thank you again xx

  • Im not sure how assessment went *

  • Hi 55lady I'm pretty quiet myself and like you I think this site is good It lets you know your not alone, and when you can't sleep because of pain in the wee small hours their is always someone about or you can read the stories. I know we try to keep things from our kids but sometimes you can't help them finding out and by the way she sounds as if she is a great daughter.My prob with fibro too is my memory I forget nearly everything even how to get back on this page takes me a little time it's so annoying. Glad my post let you know someone out there understands. Take care and all the best for the future x

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