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Hi ,thanks for welcoming's good to know that ot

Hi,thanks for welcoming me to the site .it's good to know that there is other people out there this point in time ,I have given up on docs .at my last appointment was basically told that ,there not much else they can do for me .can't find anything wrong in blood tests or in my laparotomy op.I could just be one of these people who feels just have to get on with it .so glad that this site is here .

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Hi harley41, welcome to the site, but sorry to hear you are having probs. I would like to sit and chat a bit longer with you, but have to be up in the morning to get my 15 year old Son to school - hard for me to get back into school routine, just like it is for him, so will have to say goodnight, try and sleep tight, talk about pain and sleep meds, pain clinic and alternative treatments tomorrow. Gentle hugs, Julie xxx



i tried amitryptiline but it didnt work, also gabapentin didnt help either. Only tramadol and to an extent co codamol work for me but i also dislocate my joints due to elhers danlos syndrome.

ive had physiotherapy and found stanmore rehabilitation program done over 2 weeks to be invaluable in managing my pain.


I, too, was told by my pain management doc that there was nothing more he could do for me. He did an ablation of the small sensory nerve fibers on the left side of my neck which did absolutely nothing for my pain. Fortunately, there is a neurologist in his office who keeps trying to help with my pain with different and new meds. But when the major pain hits, it feels like nothing helps. Like two nights ago, the pain was so horrific, I was sure that I was dying. I take like 16 drugs a day. I would be dead if it weren't for morphine and oxycodone but if I can control my pain and get busy, sometimes I take these meds later than I should, then the pain becomes horrific. This is pain I wouldn't wish on anyone, except for my ex-husband (only kidding).


MST, codeine, Trammadol, Diazipam and Oramorph are the only things that work for me an Caspian chilli cream.


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