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Big mistake

My daughter has just left the country travelling for a year I desperately wanted to drive her the 4 hours to the airport so I did I split the journey in two stopping off half way both directions drank two energy drinks and 4 cups of coffee in 24 hours I made it there and back but have suffered from heart pulpertations headaches and an inability to sleep for the last 48 hours now I remember why caffeine and fibro don't mix glad I got her there but wish I didn't suffer so badly with fatigue as I know feel really rubbish as well as missing my darling daughter

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you will miss her naturally, but have you set up skype? she will text or email I'm sure, so you can look forward to seeing messages and photo's :)

well done for all that driving!

as for the coffee and energy drinks , some energy drinks have caffeine in them! might explain your palpitations :)

I hope you feel better soon.


hamble :)

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Wow, that is a lot of caffiene! You must have an iron stomach.

I think Skype is a perfect way to keep in touch. Doesn't cost. You can chat by text. You can converse. You can add the webcam. (though you won't find me on the cam; cameras don't like me, and vice versa)

You can even set up a group so more than one person can hook up and talk. I keep in touch with friends in the Phillipines, the UK, and here in the US a couple thousand miles away. Sometimes we all talk. Can get a little disorderly, but that's part of the fun!

Give yourself a good rest and some pampering. Get well soon.


Well done in getting your daughter off on her travels. think of all the e mails you'll get, and send her with all the family news in, keep off the coffee 😀


I have a similar problem and only drink decaffeinated tea and coffee. One problem was when recently in hospital they did not seem to know that it was available so I was restricted to water!


What planet was that hospital on?




my hospital has both types :)

Next time you need their services, fall ill here :P


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