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Physio Gym at my Hospital

Hi all, I hope you are having a relatively pain free day. I have been having physio every two weeks at my hospital, after being referred by my physiotherapist after breaking my leg/badly sprained ankle back in October last year. I have only had 4 sessions at two week intervals. My last visit was this week and I was put through the mill. I have explained that I have Fibro and how it affects me. When I got home Tuesday afternoon, I really started to feel unwell. By the time the evening came around; I was beside myself with pain. My husband said my left ankle looked even more swollen and was upset that he could not do anything for me to relieve the pain. I took the usual pain killers and was rolling around with the pain. I ended up in bed before 9pm (unusual for me) and tried to get some sleep; I did eventually. I have never had a bad reaction like this before. I am now wondering if this course of physio is doing me any good, or whether I just need to stick with it and hope for some improvement. I was told that the ankle would take up to a year to get back to some kind of normal.

Have any of you had this happen to you and experienced pain like this after treatment. I would appreciate your views.

THanks Tannels xx

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Are you being given exercises to go home and do? Or is it literally just the one session every fortnight? Hopefully you have been given home physio to do as well as the fortnightly sessions.

Physio (and I've had more of it than I can shake a stick at) is never pleasant or totally pain free. Broken bones and all that go with them, inflammation, torn/ruptured ligaments, muscles and tendons, adhesions etc., do take a long time to heal and the recovery process can be very long, and very painful.

Maybe it would be worth asking if hydrotherapy might be an option for you, as this will take the weight off the leg whilst still strengthening it.



Hi, I have session in the gym every two weeks and exercises to do at home



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