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Rough night!

Morning all,

Hope my post finds you well?

Going to start off with a moan, had a terrible night, felt like someone turned up my body thermostat! Plus have pain from the top of my head to my toes! Plus went to optician yesterday who said my sensitivity to light will probably be down to fibro as nothing else showed up with my check up!

Anyway moan over! It's a lovely day out there, so enjoy your day!

Keep smiling ☺

Love Tea1234 💞

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If you can't moan to us, who can you moan too lol we totally understand x


Thanks Cruz xx

Have a great day!!!


Moaning gets it off your chest or wherever is giving bother :P

I must admit I hate being too warm or too cold, finding that happy medium is sometimes elusive :)


Thanks for reading and replying, great to have people to talk to! Enjoy your day! 😀



I am so sorry to read that you has such a rough night and I genuinely hope that you get a much better night tonight. I also hope that your light sensitivity isn't giving you too many problems.

Al my hopes and dreams for you



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