Hi there, my name is Helen I have had fibromyalgia since j was 13 but got told it was growing pains eventually got diagnosed at 19 so been diagnosed 7 years. I have just got married and going back on pregablin. Is anyone else on these? I started taking them thursday evening so very dizzy friday but ok now, pain still hasn't decreased yet? 😞 what is everyone else's thought in pregablin/lyrica


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  • I have been on these for a while now and have found that they have made a difference to my pain levels. I was on gabapentin previously but I was still in intolerable pain most days. I take pregablin along with amitriptyline, slow release dihydracodiene and 30mg co codamol or instant dihydracodiene when the pain is really bad.

    Like gabapentin, the pregablin will probably take a few days to be most affective so I would continue taking them. I am sure there will be others along to add to this advice, in fact there was a post a few days ago entitled 'Not a Good Friday' about pregablin that will shed more light on how effective pregablin is.

    Take care, Linda.

  • Thank you so much, the pain is better today as the sun is shining x

  • Pregablin is the one medication I would not be without as it has certainly dampened down the burning, shooting pains I was having particularly in my back and breasts. I did not realise how much help it was until I decided some time back to start to reduce the dose and all the horrible pain came back with a vengence. I wish my body would tolerate a higher dose but unfortunately it is a trade off of being reasonably clear headed and having more pain or being in another world with less and I have chosen the former.

    It does take some time to properly get in your body so do persevere with it, I would say in my case it was a full 2 weeks before i really started to benefit. Hope it carries on helping you.x

  • Thank you. Hopefully if gets better. I'm only in day 4 but I'm getting dizziness and a bit of blurred vision but think that is just side effects which should hopefully settle in sure it did last time I was on them

  • Pregabalin has been brilliant for me, my use of painkillers has drastically reduced since I've been taking it. x

  • Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Hopefully the dizziness goes soon and the pain reduces

  • Hi in was put on Lyrica 3 years ago, it takes you to build up gradually it is very effective however I put on 3 stone in 1 year and I am know off Lyrica and trying to losee the weight, but suffering for not taking it ! Good drug but does increase your appetit!

  • I am so sorry to read of your pain and suffering, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this.

    I am prescribed Pregabalin and I personally find it useful. I genuinely hope that it works for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Can I ask you when you say pregablin do you mean lyrica, I've been on lyrica for seven years, but when I picked my script up today from chemist it was a different version called pregablin veta

  • The drug is called pregablin l, lyrics is the brand name

  • Pregablin is the drug, lyrics is the brand name but the same

  • If you're on pregabalin for neuro pain then I think technically the GP should be prescribing lycria due to a high court ruling about the licenced use.

    Not overly convinced there is any difference but the patent means that GP 'should as far as reasonable possible' only prescribe lycria for neuropathic pain and not generic pregab.

  • I can see that others have beaten me to the answer but they are the same thing as one is a brand name and the other is a generic name.

  • So dizziness has gone. Lasted 5 days. But I am so emotional don't remember being like this before. Is this a side effect of pregablin

  • I am just coming off lyrca never helped me all I got was 30kgs in weight gain terrible nitemares couldn't wake up all day best luck love jenn

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