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Hello Guys

May I ask from your help? Pregablin are you on it and does it help?? Thank you in advance

24 Replies
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My new GP put me on it for peripheral neuralgia and told me to increase the dose every other day up to a maximum dose of 300 mg. When I ran out of it twice I started from scratch again and now have not reached the dose I had reached initially. He also gave it to me to help my sensitive bladder that would get me up several times in the night, causing me to lose sleep. I would lose sleep anyway, without getting up to the bathroom; I couldn't get to sleep and once asleep, I couldn't stay asleep.

Well, I can't say it's helped with the neuralgia (which doesn't hurt anyway) but, by golly, it helps me sleep a good sleep. So good and deep that I feel really awake the next day and just like I was before puberty. It is great to have that childhood feeling back and I have to say that for me, pregabalin is the best thing ever, even on a low dose. I am currently on 150 at night and 50 in the morning. If I don't get it I don't sleep. That's the down side. If for any reason it doesn't suit you, there is another medication that targets the GABA part of the brain - Gabapentin. How are you getting on?

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Astonvilla68 in reply to MaggieSylvie

hello Maggie and thank you for replying. I manly suffer with mid to upper back muscle pain I’m hoping it will help that.🤞🤞🤞🤞

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MaggieSylvie in reply to Astonvilla68

I think it does also help pain and I have lots of it, but my main dose is at night. I take tramadol for my back pain. Have you had diagnosis of what is causing your upper back pain? My GP at the time sent me to the physio. By the time I got an x-ray (thank you Physio) showing my first compression fracture (angulated), it was too late, though I don't know if anything could have been done as I'm rather ancient. Recently, I was also sent on holiday with "a muscle spasm", terribly painful, only to be x-rayed while on holiday and told I had another fracture (I have at least five now). I've come home with so much to do that I haven't managed to get the walking and rest that I was advised to get - until today, when I got up really late! If it really is muscular, then perhaps it will relax your back enough to allow your muscles to stop giving you pain. Good luck

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Astonvilla68 in reply to MaggieSylvie

thank you, sorry to hear of your struggles too . I’ve had an MRI and bones thankfully are ok , so must be muscular.. good luck also ❤️

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MaggieSylvie in reply to Astonvilla68

Thanks. It's good that it's not your bones. You will heal if you give it a chance.

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I've been on it about 11 years. It helps with the burning, shooting pains. I am on quite a low dose as I am a bit intolerant of a lot of medication. If I up the dose the pain is helped more but I feel groggy and out of it so I chose to manage in the lower dose. It is one drug I would t like to be without as before taking it I was in a constant high level of pain. It is certainly worth a try. I did feel worse for 2 weeks until my body started to get more used tomit.

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I'm on 300mg of pregabalin per day and I do find it helps me. Tried gabapentin nut not so good for me personally- I'm not sure what the exact difference between the two is but for me it's definitely pregabalin.

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Hi, I'm on it 300mg twice a day. It has lessened the shocks I have in my hands and feet and also slightly lessens my tremors as I have essential tremor also. I'd say it makes pain distant but it's still there and it allows me to have a deep sleep as I wasn't sleeping at all before hand, although I still feel tired in the morning. The downside is weight gain, I have gained an extra stone over 2 yrs.

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I’m glad it’s bringing you some relief and thank you for your reply 😊

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Aoibheann in reply to Astonvilla68

Hi: I’m also on Pregablin 300mg twice daily and gained 2 stone. So difficult to shift the weight!!!

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Hi, I was recently put on it for Fybromyalgia and nerve pain. I was only on it for three and a half weeks at a dose of 75 mg morning and the same at night. It was starting to help my pain, but unfortunately for me, in that short time I put on four pounds in weight, and my digestion was effected, plus banging headache. They said Gabapentin is often given first, but can cause more side effects, so pregabalin is supposed to be a better option of the two (I couldn't try Gabapentin due to other medical reasons) If it hadn't been for the side effects I would have tried it for longer as it helped for the pain. So it is worth giving it a go, as may be great for you.

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Astonvilla68 in reply to Monty56

thank you, I hope you manage to find something that works for you 🤞🤞

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Monty56 in reply to Astonvilla68

Thank you, and hope you get sorted out too.

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Hiya Astonvilla,

I take Pregabalin 300mg a day alongside Duloxetine. I used to just take Pregabalin and it didn’t seem to help much. Then my Dr prescribed me the Duloxetine which I find helps the nerve pain blocker work a bit better. Or maybe it’s the rest of my monthly shoe box full of meds lol! I have fibro and spinal nerve damage so as it helps take the sting out for me it might work for u 😊🤗

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Astonvilla68 in reply to SlothMode

thank you

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Was on 450mg but now on 350mg a day.yes ut does help with pain but it is extremely addictive. I have been on it about 11 years so if I muss a dose I am very ill.I also felt like a zombie on it for a while til my body got used to it

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I recently found this article in Youtube from Channel 4 News: "Exclusive: Prescriptions rising for anxiety drug linked to 1 in 10 drug deaths in England", []. This drug used to be recommended by NICE, but I'm not sure that that is the case anymore. When my GP prescribed it for me, I found that it had no effect on my pain, but it did have lots of extremely unpleasant side-effects. All the seizure drugs used for fibro have that effect on me.

I take Low Dose Naltrexone and medical cannabis for pain. They are much more effective for fibro pain, certainly in my case, but also for many other people, than any of the medications recently recommended by NICE. They are also virtually non-addictive and extremely safe, unlike seizure drugs and opiods/opiates.

I take Duloxatine for depression. It doesn't have a noticable affect on my pain.

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Some of the replies you have suggest the writers are on high doses of pregabalin. I am wondering whether the bad side effects are due to their not building up the dose slowly and gradually. I had no side effects until I had to come off it temporarily - I couldn't sleep at all. I'm on tramadol as well at the moment, so I think the two together make me sleepy - especially in this cold weather.

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I’ve been taking pregbalin for 2.5 months , I started at 50mg 3 times a day I was intermittently forgetting to take the middle of the day one but I was feeling less pain, I then switched to 2 a day at 50mg twice a day but it stoped working so I started taking 75mg twice a day (the doctors were annoyed I kept Chasing them about it) which I think is too much currently as I was experiencing brain fog like dementia or something very suddenly and also felt disconnected and like time was passing by really fast and I was going slow was very strange, since all the messing about I’ve lowered back to 50mg twice a day and take the extra as needed currently if the pains really bad esp with the current cold, I’m always in pain but it take the worse bit off - if I ever forget to take it I get bad Withdrawal and feel sick , like flu and ache and it can only be the meds was surprised how quick that happened. But I’ve notice I’m sleeping better (now I do t take them straight before bed and I’m dreaming more which I did much rarer since my 20s).

Before that I was on Duloxetine it worked and my pain felt like a background fuzz and my arms and fingers just tingled without most of the pain, the problem was it made me sleep for most of the day (i have almost no control of it) and unable to sleep properly at night and I just couldn’t function on it - and my fibro would me labelled as fairly mild-moderate so it wasn’t the fibro, another positive was it help my sensitive bladder issues which sadly the pregabalin doesn’t.

I had been on other antidepressants but they had lots of side effects and zero helpful ones.

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Astonvilla68 in reply to DavidCB

cheers pal

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I have many medical conditions including epilepsy, osteoarthritis, Schwannomatosis NF3, was prescribed Pregabalin by a local hospital doctor, in June 2017, never seen her before, or since [lucky for her😤🙄] it reacted violently, especially with my joints, I threw them away, actually leading to a suicide attempt🤬🤬was on Fycompa and Lamictal at the time for the epilepsy, [she is on my personal hit list🙄, an experiment on me, using me as a lab. rat, how she even got my contact details?🤔😤]

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Astonvilla68 in reply to Adlon57

Jesus! Right I’m glad you’re still here and I hope you manage to get your meds right take care pal

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Adlon57 in reply to Astonvilla68

In the short run pregabalin did not work for me, due to my various medical conditions, she should have a better look at my medical cv! [I've got her name!🤔]

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I was on it for peripheral neuropathy and I had to stop it. It made me gain a lot of weight and increased my lymphoedema....

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