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This is driving me crazy!! But I don't know whether it's down to fibromyalgia??

Hello all!

I know FM has a huge range of symptoms, some of them have really surprised me, every time I have learned about a new one I have realised that I suffer from it without knowing it was to do with fibromyalgia, the last one that surprised me was clothing causing pain! I thought it was just me, but, it seems its very common amongst sufferers! Well, since I woke up this morning I have been itching so badly! It is actually driving me bonkers, my arms, legs and my back feel like I have got sunburn or something and Its so irritating!! The worst part is, I cant have a good scratch because my skin is tender! Does this sound like it could be anything to do with fibromyalgia or something else? I have tried putting cream on and I have even taken anti-histamines and it hasn't helped??

Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

*itch itch* Snickypoo *scratch* x

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hi..yes I scratch till I bleed sometimes,its something to do with the nerve endings,but please see your doctor as we are fobbed off to many times with it being fibro! and I have learned that its to easy to put all syptoms down to that! I always go and get things checked out..i have found a few things that were not fibro related but was fobbed off for ages saying they were! I told my doctor ..if I came in here and said my left leg had gone black and fallen off you would say ..oh yes that would be your fibro!! he laughed his head off....I have numb feet and I keep dropping things [NO not with my feet!] I said I wasn't happy with it being put down to fibro..had blood tests and im deficient in magnesium and they have found something else to,so its our bodys so don't be fobbed off........sorry for spelling mistakes but my brain doesn't I asked about is down to fibro as I had tests so that's fine xxxx


hi both @ snickypoo I to went through a phase where i itched none stop even had a rash but they (GP) couldn't make it out what it was ............ they just say emollient but it was always the parts you cant reach :/ .... gosh the weather here is bad and cold and i have has such a bad night no sleep ... my legs are swelling which is new to new :// .... Like you there is always some that takes over another issue .. suffering with you today I don't even want to talk to anyone ..... I know what my problem is I am so stubborn i wont give in ... but today for the first time i am tired of this fight daily fight ............. ..... but as pondminstrel all new issues need to go down on your medical record .. if nothing else a pattern might emerge for the GP ..... and it is a way of helping them to understand what you are going through .... scratchy hugs for you then today :) xxxxxxxx


Hello snickypoo what a todo yes we have big phases when we itch and the skin is irritated you have done all the right things the only thing left is a tepid bath can take it away sometimes.

Good luck oh scratchy one :) gentle hugs xgins


Hi Gins!

Ooooh! a tepid bath would be fantastic just now, the only problem is.......I haven't got a bath!*sniff* I live in a bungalow with a wet room(shower only) which has been great up to now with my mobility problems, but, I would give anything at the moment, when my pain is unbearable and nothing helps, just to lay in a warm bath! Oh well! I can't have it all ways, at least I don't have to haul myself up and down stairs and anyways, it would be too much of a struggle getting in and out of a bath.(unless I got one of those standy uppy ones!) Ho hum!

Thanks for the hugs, gentle ones back to you x

snickypoo xxx (`itchy)x


Hi Pondminstrel & Morwenna,

Bless you both! FM is such a miserable condition, I feel like I am falling apart at the seams, neither my mind or my body are working today, everyday brings another miserable facet of this miserable illness and I haven't even had an official diagnosis yet!! Thank you both for your advice, I will add this itchy symptom to the growing list and present it to my doctor so that he can huff at me, and tell me that I am either stressed, or that it's my age! Grrr! Morwenna, I'm so sorry you are having such a bad time today, I hope tommorow might bring you some relief, I will say a little one for you. x

Pondminstrel, You are right, because there so many symptoms of FM, some which you wouldn't imagine, I only found out from here yesterday that my sudden aversion to tight clothing could be attributed to FM, it is so easy to put every new symptom down to fibro, I have got a list that I have written for my doctor, I will add the itching to the list. Thank syou for your advice

I hope you both have a good night tonight and better days

Kind Thoughts.

Snickypoo x



yes i agree the itching is down to FM i too keep getting it and it drives me crazy! On me it feels like a thousand ants under my skin all crawling around and biting to get out. i have bought a back scratch thing with an extending pole so that i can get to my back and lower body easier.

Some one above said about telling the docs everything so it goes on your records and yes i agree. Also I have started to keep a FM only diary of my daily symptoms to see if there is a link to things/pain etc. Ie what i have to eat and if it effects me the next day

Try that and she if a pattern emerges.

Hugs xxx


It can also be due to liver problems ,I itch and itch from head to toe it wakes me up .x


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