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? holiday

Been looking forward to getting to Portugal at end of week but have been really poorly. Heacdaches are terrible and vision been effected. Doc thinks it could be TIA ( mini strokes) and has strongly advised not to go till I get more tests.Put on blood thinning drug but have to stop as causing bad stomach pain. I will not be covered by travel insurance but if don't go will feel an absolute failure plus I really need break I will lose the money no matter what. Not the first time I have not listened to doc advise and could be a while before get tests done .Been really horrible time since xmas as so much bad things have happened Maureen

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So sorry you are going through this, if your GP recommends that you don't travel you should be able to get some of the cost refunded as it's a medical reason. Put your needs first and listen to your Doctor. Hope everything turns out well for you. xx


I am not sure what to say to you as I know how desperate you are to have a holiday, I haven't had one in four years and just a few days by the sea would be absolute bliss. I presume you have an EHIC card? If you look on the NHS Choices about Travel to Portugal it gives you a brief outline of what would be covered if you were unfortunate enough to be taken ill and their Emergency nos.

If you do decide to go have an absolutely wonderful times.x

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I am so sorry to read this, and a TIA can be a warning that you need to rest and take things easier for a while. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and I sincerely hope that you start to feel better soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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TIAs (transien ischemic attacks - like you said, mini strokes) would be a serious reason not to go if you don't have health coverage while there.But maybe they aren't that. Many of us have these symptoms. Sometimes even migraine like syptoms.

Is there any chance the headaches and vision changes were brought on by stress or anxiety or both? What about a need for glasses or a new prescrition if you already have them?

TIA diagnosis seems rather extreme. I guess if your medical history points to this possibility, it might give more weight to the diagnosis. Maybe you would be more comfortable if you go to a specialist or get a second opinion? But I am not a doctor so I my observations and opinions may be irrelevant.

Seems like a big is disappointment, but your health is so much more important.

I wish you the best, hoping you find it safe to go, but hoping you find a way to cope with the TIAs if that is what it is.


Oh mo1mo2, it's such a shame that things are taking such a bad turn for you. Your post sounds like you're struggling with some 'low mood' and could do with some support.

I feel compelled to ask a couple of tough questions though so brace yourself. What are you actually afraid of regarding this Portugal trip? Do you have a fear of flying? Do others have unrealistic expectations of you? Are you worried about letting others down? Do you feel you won't be able to cope with the journey there, the journey back or the stay in general?

Is it possible that you subconsciously feel that the effort involved in undertaking the trip outweight the benefits? Has the way your health is and the difficulties you've experienced in the last few months made you feel you'd rather stay in the comfort of your own home to lick your wounds? Have you had a chance to talk to anybody about the recent difficulties and how they have impacted you?

Losing the money, difficult as it is, is not the main issue here. Your view of yourself your wellbeing and your health conditions are far more important so it may be much more important to address what is impacting on your holistic wellbeing, talk to a professional and manage your stress and anxiety levels.

Wishing you the best possible health and the ability to handle things going forward with awareness, courage and fortitude.


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