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ATOS limited capability for work questionnaire

OMG! Received this form this morning! I could cry. I've asked for help to fill the damn thing in, the only problem is the lady who usually helps me will be on annual leave before the form needs to be sent back! Hopefully they will send someone else to help me! I'm feeling soooo awful, I'm sure it's sparked a fibro flare!! XXXX

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Did you get any warning that it was coming or did it just arrive? Are you already on ESA or on Incapacity? Don't panic, who normally helps you with the forms?


I didn't know it was coming! I'm already receiving ESA contribution and income based, and it was a bolt out of the blue!! I have phoned my welfare rights advisor who usually fills the forms out for me but she's going on annual leave when the form has to be returned. They are really busy at the moment, I just hope they find someone to help me!! Sooooo stressed, and weepy right now cos of this :-( XX


I was advised not to fill in the boxes or tick the small side boxes. I was told to write or type up notes on each question and staple them to the ESA booklet pages. Go into copious detail. Remember, if you cannot do an activity, reliably, safely and repetitively, it counts as not being able to do it. Always number your pages and put your name and NA number on each page.


Hi Sue,

First of all try not to panic they are not as bad as they seem. First take a few minutes to read through it don't just jump in feet first! Grab a pencil and paper and jot down notes as you read through the questions when your finished making notes just leave it for a while then come back to it. Provide as MUCH information as possible in each question and also provide as MUCH supportive information as possible and send it with the ESA50.

Please find a link below to the support group descriptors I highly recommend that you print this off and cross refer to it when answering your questions as you need to pass the descriptors.

Any probs drop me a message.

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


I filled mine out myself using the benefits and work website. I know admin have access to the relevant info sheets. It is entirely possible to complete it yourself but preparation is the key. Takeyor time. Did you keep a copy of your last ESA form that you sent off because you can always refer to that as well. If nothing has changed the you can More or less copy what was put on it last time.


i filled mine in myself, didnt tick any yes or no box, just gave a very long list of whats wrong and why i couldnt do said thing, also said i wanted someone who knew what fibro was to assess my claim, must of worked as not had a face to face assessment for the last 2 esa50 forms, good luck x


Thanks everyone. Thank you Liam, I've printed off the pages you recommend, and they are extremely helpful. I'm just scared I don't fill in enough info. Unfortunately, I don't have any supportive information as I don't attend any clinics to do with my fibro or osteoarthritis. The only clinics I attend are for my diabetes and my lymphoedema. Does it look better if someone fills in the form for you or doesn't it really matter? XX Thanks again folks! XX


And I forgot, I have difficulty filling in forms due to my hands shaking and very poor grip XX


Ask your doctor for a medical report. You can send that separately to the form, but always keep a copy and send recorded delivery. I recommend you send the firm recorded delivery too. Send the info from the clinics you have been to. It is all medical evidence. Send letters from friends, family, anyone who helps you in any way.


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