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I'm a great fan of Internet shopping and I've been doing it for about 4 years or more. I can even go 'window' shopping, something I would never have done in crowded shops. I hated it when people would try to walk through me, trying on clothes was too hot, hurried & uncomfortable, regardless of the weather outside. I digress. I cannot find a summer weight dressing gown, preferably with a zip or buttons, (size 30) anywhere on my usual websites and i've tried using different search engines etc. In recent years there have been more and more options available in plus sizes. Am I too early? I can see 'new in for Spring' have arrived for lower sizes.

Any suggestions? My favourite sites include Curvissa, Bon Prix etc. and i've checked out their 'sister sites', + Daxon, which are not always reliable for quality, but I do like some of their styles. Tulip xx

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  • Hi Tulip, have you tried Evans? I Find they do some good quality clothes, think I've seen dressing gowns, although not sure if they're the sort you are looking for. Julie x

  • I'll take a look in the morning, thank you. :) Tulip xx

  • I had a look on the Damart site for you as my friend quite often buys from them. They only go up to a size 28 but I believe their sizes are quite generous. They do have some quite pretty dressing gowns for summer.x

  • thank you. I'll check it out tomorrow. :) Tulip xx

  • I find JD Williams are good for shopping by mail order x

  • success! i've registered with 50+ (JD Williams) some really nice nightwear, spent a bit more than I intended but hey ho, why not! I'm so big now, but on the inside I'm still a size 10 and need to feel feminine! Tulip xx

  • So glad you have found something to suit, blow the money as long as you are happy with your purchases and they are comfortable and make you feel lovely it is worth very penny.x

  • agreed! :) retail therapy was always a mystery for me, even when I fitter and in lower sizes. now i do get that feel good factor and need to keep some discipline on it 'cause it could very easily run away with me. there is a strong sense of Spring in the air, and this is my favourite time of year. :) Tulip xx

  • Hi tulips123

    I was wondering if you have tried any of the big internet companies themselves such as Amazon, AliExpress, Best Buy, Ebay etc? These sorts of site usually have everything?

    Good luck

    Ken x

  • In my experience Ebay & Amazon (much of a muchness I feel), for what I've been looking for are not usually the right places, although I did log in for a quick look just in case. I have now managed to find another site I hadn't looked in in years and success!

    Thank you though for the suggestion. G'night Ken. They should call you the night owl! :) Tulip xx

  • Sorry im a bit late reading your question. I am a more voluptuous (sorry about spelling) woman too who can no longer shop due to mobility problems and cant stand the looks and comments any more. I find "Yours" a good site and their sizes are generous too. If you register with them they will sometimes send you offers. Hope you have a painfree weekend. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • i'm always open to suggestions so thank you. Spring is in the air, helps with pain. enjoy your weekend. :) Tulip xx

  • I often wear a kaftan, very loose, and very light and don't have to worry about it opening at the wrong moment.

  • I like kaftans especially when it get's too hot. Do you have a favourite shop/website? Tulip xx

  • Afraid no, I bought the kaftan in a small shop on Malta, and have used it as a dressing gown ever since in the summer. I was just trying to say sometimes think out side the box.

  • i like having different options, so thanks for suggestion. x

  • Hello Tulips123, I also like 'comfy' stuff, may I suggest some places to try? Marshall Ward, JD Williams, both from Manchester, fifty plus, and how about Damart from Yorkshire, marshall ward and JD Williams have lots of bigger sizes, they specialise in them, Have you noticed that in the magazines there are advert pages for many of these companies, and although they show some things they have loads more.........I hope this is helpful in your search for that cosy dressing gown, and a few other things that may take your fancy.....happy shopping ttfn from Karen.

  • Thank you, all suggestions much appreciated! xx

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