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Following advice on here I am now applying for pip. Any advice on making it easier would be greatly appreciated. 😕

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Hi there,

I think the best thing to do with regards to filling in forms for PIP is to go to your local CAB - they are very much up to date with how to fill the forms in to your best advantage, and do please make a couple of copies of the form before sending it off. Then if you have to fill in anything more you can always refer back to what you had said in the original form.

You may also find some more advice on this on our mother site fibroaction.org, worth giving it a look :-)

Wishing you well in your application and don't be worried if you don't hear back for quite a while, they are incredibly inept at processing things quickly !!

Hope this helps a bit !

Foggy x

Hello Wreal,

We, FibroAction can provide step by step guides to help assist you to complete PIP forms which may help. We can send them out to you via email, please email info@fibroaction.org for the guides & Karen our Admin Assistant (CharityAssistant on here - Smartcarkaz) will be happy to send to you. Please do not provide your email on this site due to internet security.

I hope this helps :)

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Wreal in reply to Mdaisy

Thank you

Hi make sure when they come to asses you you have someone with you ,don't take the assess on face value , they arnt there to help you they are there to do a job ,I was told I would get pip , after 15 mins ,I was told a lot of nice things to get me to relax totaly they twist your answers to suit them ,my doctors and helpers were so shocked when I was turned down , I am now waiting to go to court to appeal I have a disabled advocate now the cab were great but they can only do so much , an advocate will go through everything with you and will make sure your never alone with these so called health profesnals ,

remember it's about your worse day not your best good luck x

I can see that you have been given some wonderful offers of help and advice, so I will just wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

Good luck


Hi Ken thought I'd say hello , still about ,hopefully will be given a gold injection next week so I won't be so painey , and will pop up a bit more and not sleeping so much , hope you and julie are well x

Hi chris. Lovely to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you have been so unwell and I hope that your injection helps you.

Take care

Ken x x

:) xxx

I had to change From Indefinate DLA High Rate To PiP Last may had an assesment with a nurse at my home in October 2014, nightmare she lied through her teeth on the report and a dissalowance was made, so immediatley asked for a reconsideration finally on the 2nd February 2015 hey presto i had a Reassement letter instead of a mandatory recon letter so rang the contact centre and asked to speak to claims manager, he called me back and stated that the Decsion date was infact the 7th Janary 2015 and the wrong letter had been sent out and they forgot to look at additinal evidence i sent in, apparently a big cock up on my claim, he promised he would look at it again, 24th Feb and i was awarded Advance Rate Mobility & Advanced care and just had £3450 back dated in my bank by faster payment today, also i did email my Local MP who asked for a thorough investigation, even the Office Manager from PIP gave me her direct line, i think calling at least 86 times and constant complaint letter's helped dont give up

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Wreal in reply to Barty1970

Glad you got it all sorted

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