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It is another oversight whats going on?!!!!!

OH NO its me again 3rd post in 2 days i'll be owing shares in the website soon LOL i am beggining to think someone is taking the micky. I have been awaiting an appointment for an hearing aid. Can you guess???? once again an oversight but luckily enough someone had cancelled so i got one for the 16th march. I cant imagine what else is going to be overlooked this year i am trying to think of any appointments that i have'nt had yet, thing is my head and brain cell has been overworked and my brain cell cant think so here's me signing off for today see what happens tomorrow

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Don't you sometimes think you have become invisible to people. Twice the Pain Clinic have forgotten to put me forward for my next appointment which would mean if I hadn;t contacted them I would have been dropped off their books and would have had to wait 6 months to be referred back again. The first time I foolishly waited for an appt and ended up having to go 8 months instead of the usual 4. This time I rang up after 3 weeks, the same thing had happened but at least this time I had plenty of time to do something about it. I have now set up a reminder on my computer that tells me when I should have been contacted about an appointment and I am not so slow now to give them a ring.

Hope you get on okay when you do get there.x


I put my brain on post it notes all over the place, used to have a diary can't find it now.... x


I can only imagine your frustration. Hugs. :)


And there I was thinking it was us Fibro sufferers that have Fibro fog and not the rest of the human race?


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