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Hi everyone

I'm so confused today, went to doc for a review of meds, when I said that Tramadol don't help with pain reply was ok we can stop them, ok then he said to take amatriptoline 10 mg at bed time, if one does not help take two if that doesn't work take three that should help,at that point I said "oh Iv had those before and they made me feel sick" to cut a long story short, I'm now only on amatriptoline for my fibro. I take a antidepressant (can't remember name right now) which Iv been on for a few years he wants me to eventually come of them too. Any advice as I don't know what to do now .

Do I go back

Do I take over the counter pain killers.

Or do I just suffer the pain HELP.


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I think I would perhaps be asking for a referral to pain management!



Hi Ray

Thanks for ur advice that's a god idea.will make another appointment .



I agree, the doctor seems at a bit of a loss as to what to do.

Karen x


I agree with asking for a pain management referral but that might take some time. I struggle with the logic of giving medication that doesn't agree with you. On the plus side the amitriptyline should help with the pain and if you are taking 3 or more, it acts as an antidepressant, which will be why he wants to reduce the other antidepressant that you are on. What I would do is keep a diary of how you feel, when your pain is worse, how the meds make you feel etc and after a week go back to your GP and show him the evidence. If he can't help ask him to make a referral to someone who can. Good luck, Linda.

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Ok amytyptiline is an anti depressant but it is one of those drugs which has a multitude of uses -it also is given for spondylitis in the neck and eye pain amongst others For fibro the therapeutic dose(how much that will work) is between 30 -50mg and because of side effects they start your of low and then add more

Since taking the amytyptiline I now feel able to start reducing other meds.

However again we are all different and react differently so it is a personal plan and I think that is where GP's struggle. Whilst there are courses out there for them it isn't necessarily something that they are clued up on.

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Hi Granniescrochet, I'm worried about how you are stopping taking the Tramadol? Did he give you any advice on that? When I had to wean myself off it because of the horrendous side effects I was suffering, I had to go very slowly, and my gp said I could just stop taking it - Just Like That! It took me a while to get used to the lower doses each time before I was ready to stop taking them completely. I am on 50mgs amitriptyline and it really helps me sleep. I don't think it is any good as a pain reliever, tbh, my gp told me I couldn't take my anti depressants I was already on as amit would do their job as well as help with sleep. Good luck, Julie xxx

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Hi Granniescrochet

I am so sorry to read of your pain issues, and I would definitely make another appointment and discuss the situation with a doctor (not necessarily the same doctor). I would also query the way that your Tramadol has been stopped as I am not sure if a gradual reduction before stopping is the usual way to come off such a drug? I also agree with the others about a pain management referral as this may beneficial to you?

I would also go armed with a bit of information about alternative medication, such as Nortriptyline, which is an alternative to Amitriptyline. They are near enough the same but it does not contain the sedative element that may be responsible for making you feel sick? There are also many other out-and-out pain killers that you could discuss with your GP, such as Naproxen (a non-codeine based pain killer), which may work better for you than a codeine based pain killer?

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

Ken x

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I take 30mg a night of Amitriptyline for my Fibro, horrible restless legs and not able to sleep more than 2 hours straight, so they do not work for me either, going back to Dr next week, don't hold out much hope though! I suggest you go back, if your Dr provides something else and it works would love to hear about it! Good luck. X


hello Crochet,

thanks for sharing and sorry the doc seems not all that helpful. Especially as you have been down the medication route for a while now, I'd try alternatives

-regular relaxation with tapes, CD et - look around and see what you like - public libraries may have free and some you can download from the internet,

- there is an /australian nhs website you find with google 'CCI consumer workbooks' - it gives you lots of modules for self help, you can study them in any order as you see fit;

- always read side effects of meds and don't expect Doc to know best;

- very gently increase exercise you can tolerate - even if you start with 2' wriggling your toes or shaking your arms - do 3' of that when ready.

I too think pain clinic is a good way forward, and I hope some of the above helps in the meantime.


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