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stress to the limit

Almost there about 2weeks before we move, but the stress is harsh as lm waiting for a op on my toe which will lay me up for 2weeks and then another 6/8 weeks before l can walk, but first l have to rid myself of MRAS they found in the per op, how l got it god knows .Had first swab came back clean 2nd swab and MRAS is back in one nostril lol, plus l have an infection on top of the stress of moving,every other day we're saying we r not moving then saying we'r going Never moving again ever,,, first move in 30years and last thanks for the advise from before

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Take heart nearly there and then your stress levels

will disappear and you will reap the rewards of your labours.

Relax a little I am a fine one giving advice I feel like a coiled spring tonight. never mind

Best wishes


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Lots going on for you!

I hope all is go smoothly when it's time for each step in the process.

Truly, One Day At a Time! ;)

Keep us posted!



It is a difficult time, so I just want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

Good luck



No wonder you have so much stress. The list of major stresses is one's life is pretty long and I think moving is first on it or very close to the top. Thank God you only have the MRSA in your nostril, not that this isn't a pain and hard to get rid of, and not in your bloodstream. Be real good to yourself, starting right now!


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