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New muscle relaxer

Well my insurace company decided not to pay for the methocarbanol anymore so they put me on cyclobenzaprine. I hope I spelled that right. Anyway I looked it up on the internet. They say it's the same thing as flexeril.

Hope it works. Last night was a bad night. I was hit with a fever of 102.0 for 12 hours before it broke. I hope I get over these sickie episodes soon. My doctor put me on the supplements magnesium and potassium for all my cramps/muscle spasams.I am also on G2 the low calorie gatorade. I also drink dasani water, it has elecrolytes. And salt and potassium. For my health balance.

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Hi Krazy-Girl :)

It sounds like things are a bit rough at the moment for you and having to change medication is often not an easy thing to do. I hope things balance quickly and work for you once the period of adjustment is over.

Supportive fluffie hugs and smiles on the way to the US for you :)

xxx sian :)


I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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