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why is it so difficult to get muscle relaxants?

my gp wont prescribe them to me i am in a great deal of pain with muscle spasms yet she wont prescribe them for me is anyone else on them and if so which ones i go to pain clinic and will ask them so i would like to know which ones work best perhaps they might give them to me ty all hope everyone has a relativley pain free night or as pain free as is possible with this horrendous disease. big hugs all im in agony with muscle spasms pain meds not touching it,xx

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Hi Pinot

I had to beg in hospital after an op it was awful I don't know why that is!

However you could look up pregabalin or gabapentin from what I've read on here they seem to be the most popular and possibly ask for some maximum strength pain gel too for the really bad episodes of it.

hope this is helpful and wish you to be spasm free soon



sadly its most likely because they are not part of the regimen for FM or that isn't within the remit of the drugs themselves - has your GP/consultant told you why at all


Hi Pinot.

I am so sorry to hear of your situation and the discomfort you are experiencing. It is a truly awful condition. You could request 'Baclofen' for your muscle spasm. My Neurologist and Chronic Pain Clinic both agreed I should be prescribed this but I do recall the Consultant writing to my G.P to request adding them to my prescription. Please don't give up on receiving the correct medication to at least ease your discomfort, the medication is there for you and you have every right to it. It's unfortunate that we have to fight for our right for pretty much everything these days, but is your right. Sending you lots of gentle hugs and strength. Blessing s to you. xxx


Hi hunni ty for your thoughtfulness I asked pain clinic for it and they said its not on their list to prescribe went to gp he sent me to see neurologist who said I dont need it the meds im on should be enuf and has now reffered me for a brain and neck scan argh!!! The joys. Wonder why they wont prescribe this med ??? Muscle spasms are bad . Hope you have a pain free weekend gentle hugs and ty again.xx


Bless you Pinot. This makes me so angry. They are not suffering and dealing with this daily discomfort are they? Some meds will interfere with Baclofen, very severely at times. I was on Diazepam before Baclofen but the Diazepam had to stop before I could take it .It is quite odd that they won't prescribe this medication for you and I'm so sorry they won't. Would it be worth seeing another GP even just to discuss your concerns? Muscle spasms are extremely painful and debilitating. Please let me know how your scans go, it will be interesting to hear what the results are. I wish you a relaxing weekend. Gentle hugs again to you. Keep fighting and keep smiling. XXX


Muscle relaxants such as diazepam are extremely addictive, that is the main reason they are not prescribed. Also muscle relaxants combined with some drugs, some anti depressants for example, would be very dangerous as people can just stop breathing whilst they are asleep, because they are, in simple terms, too relaxed. Don't forget relaxants will relax ALL your muscles, including the heart and diaphragm.

I am not a doctor this is info that was given to me by my gp when I asked for muscle relaxants, as I am on Mirtazapine (an anti depressant) I cannot have them.

I know this is of no use when the weather is so hot, but a hot water bottle helps me get my neck and shoulder muscles to relax a bit. Also I massage and knead the muscles myself and that offers some relief. I also use a pain relieving anti inflammatory gel (Movelat for example) 4 times a day.

Hope this helps



I'm on Robaxin/Methocarbamol muscle relaxents for restless legs, although i've also been taking magnesium for a while and find this very good as i'm hardly taking any Robaxin

Hope you get some help asap

Jan x


Ty everone for all your very kind replies it is much appreciated and it makes sense also helps me understand why they are reluctant to prescribe muscle relaxants. Hopefully I can get sorted now scan due soon x hope you all have a comfortable relaxing weekend gentle hugs xxx


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