I'm not alone x

Hi all,I'm new to this site and after reading a lot of everyone's posts I no I am not alone with this horrible illness x the last 2nights I've been scratching like a mad woman I've seen I'm not the only one :( fibro makes u question ur own mental state at times x I was so happy to see I'm not on my own and I really don't mean that in a bad way to all other suffers out there x

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  • Hi, I think you could be inundated with replies, so many here understand where you're coming from! Its not easy to explain the itching can drive you insane, especially when its stopping the all important nights sleep. I find it does pass, sometimes I wake tired, only I don't remember scratching 'til I look at my arms etc. Hope you get a better night tonight. Tulip xx

  • Cheers @tulips123 it's great to no I've support on this thanks very much for ur reply x

  • Never feel alone. You are among friends who can relate and care. Have a good sleep tonight Tulip xx

  • Hi Their is one thing you can be sure of on this site is.We all understand the problems and pain that we suffer every day and night. and we can have a good old moan with out being judged. All so when feeling down can put a smile on our face Try and get a good nights sleep fibro friendsxx

  • Thank u fibro10 x

  • Hi Guppy, understand exactly what you mean about not being alone. It is good to read about and talk to others who understand whay you are going through. I had the mad itching before and my doctor gave me tablets which stopped it, i'm sorry i cant remember the name of it. I think most of us have questioned our own sanity at some point, not only are we driven mad with new and weird symptoms, but also wonder what the hell is happening to us. Luckily this site brings light relief snd sanity at times. Welcome,


  • Thanks Hun I was taken telfast 120mg but to me honest I think if they were a million mg it would not work ha I think it's our mad nerves at a rave lol it stopped last nite tank god x

  • You're never alone, just shout when you need us. Hugs xx

  • Thanks Hun x

  • Hi Guppy44

    I am so sorry to read that you are struggling in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I think that all of us, at times, question who and what we are? We question our state of mind and ask, why me?

    So please remember that you are not alone, we are merely a click away!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Absolutely. Much sympathy. It's horrid when you're itching like that - or worse, can't bear to be touched.

    Some of us are loopy on here - but not necessarily because of the fibro.

  • Lol I'm sure there every were Hun x itch passed last nite tank god but today I can barely walk :( every day seems to bring something new,it's so great to have people to chat to x that no exactly what ur going true my family don't get it which makes it harder x and in fairness I battle with it in so can only imagine what they think,but after 20 odd yrs of suffering I was so happy well I was over the bleeding moon to say the least ha that they finally found a name for it that I'm not actually a nut job lol well most of the time :) I'm not x

  • Thank u so much x it's truly so appreciated

  • People on here can definitely understand Hun, I'm having a bad flare up the last few days and now have tonsilitis on top! Hoping it passes, soon!!!!!! and yes the itching drives me potty sometimes xx take care xx

  • People on here can definitely understand Hun, I'm having a bad flare up the last few days and now have tonsilitis on top! Hoping it passes, soon!!!!!! and yes the itching drives me potty sometimes xx take care xx

  • You poor thing I hope it does not last to long for u x

  • Oh I know sweetheart. Name it and I bet you one of us has had it or will get it. Hang in there!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Hi your not going mad , but I think that was proberly my first statement on the lupus site I definitely told the rhummie I was going mad , this site has been my life line , I do not know anyone personally with this condition ,so for the last 3 years I have been in total denile as to what was wrong with me I have mctd as well as fibro ,you find many coping mechanisms here but the two I find helps me the most are communication and laughter ,

    I start my day usually with foggies pic ,and gins morning chat ,then take the rest as it comes ,yes you will info on here but you also get unconditional friendship ,keep your chin up ,and sleep as well as you can. X

  • Hi, know how you feel, sometimes you think its your imagination, sleep well.

    Bye the way I have Bowen treatment for my Fibro it really helps x

  • Hi

    I know how you feel, hope you sleep well tonight.

    I have Bowen treatment for my Fibro helps a lot. x

  • your not alone there is always someone on here to talk to we all suffer from fibro & other problems we try to cheer each other up there are funny pictures and funny poems i like foggys pic of the day gives you a good laugh.lilian

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