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Pain rehab clinic

Have any of you done one of these pain rehabilitation courses? My consultant told me he was sending me to a pain clinic I got the letter through today and its a pain rehabilitation course three days a week for three weeks or three half days for three weeks depending on which one they put you on at assessment. I'm a bit worried as it sounds intensive but was wondering/hoping one of you will have had some success with a similar programme. Thank you x

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I have an hours assesment at the end of the month to see if I would benefit from attending one ... I hope I get in as I am happy to try anything new and I know two of our members have just been accepted onto these courses I think next month.. So hopefully they will post and let you know more details

VG x


Fingers crossed. This ones at the Nuffield in Oxford. I'll call them tomorrow to book my assessment appointment


I have been for an hours session and am due to start an 8 week program in March/April time. I will also try anything. It is being run by physios, clinical psychiatrists and OTs I think. Main aim is to try to teach people coping strategies and how to manage pain easier. Also going to bring in small exercise programs I think.

If I find the leaflet out, will list the week by week guide.



i dont know how anyone with fybro could manage a full day it was decided at my assesment that it would be to stressfull because i am always tired


I am due to start a Pain management Course on 25th. 1 x full day and 1 x half day each week. I am wondering how I will manage the full day, but am willing to give it a go in the hopes I may gain something from it

will post back after I have been and know a little more



I went on one a few years ago but mine was for 3 and half days in Liverpool and because it was to far from where I lived they put me up in a hotel for the week and home at weekends.

As one of the previous posts mentioned, it is designed to help you cope with your condition, but you also need to have an open mind when you go, it took me nearly 2 and a half weeks to realise that as my course was for 4 weeks. I still use techniques now that I was taught. I also made some very good friends!

The sessions that they do last no longer than a couple of hours and they allow you to get up and move if you can't sit for that long and they will tell you this when you get there!

Like I said have an open mind and be positive as it is there to help you and to get the best from you without hindering you further!

Enjoy Xxx


Hi I too am attending a Pain Management Programe on 4 March. I think that day. may just be an assessment. I have been referred by a Consultant at a Pain Clinic I attended lastvJune. All he told me was its run twice a week for 5 weeks to learn how to cope with pain through exercise. However the way I feel at the moment I dont think I could cope with exercise? Willing to give it my best shot in the hope they are more understanding of Fibro than I've seen up to date.

Good luck



Many thanks. I just worried when I saw 3 full days a week


My assessment is 15th March so fingers crossed


How do i get one of theas id try anything right now as i realy wont to try an go back to sime kinde of work at some point ?


My consultant referred me. So I guess you need to ask your dr


My GP referred me straight to the clinc and I got a letter inviting me to the hours assesment in the post really quickly


Yes, I've been on a pain management course, up in Amersham near where I used to live.

It was back in 2008. It was a 2 hour session once per week for 10 weeks. The team included a psychologist, a physiotherapist, a specialist nurse, an Alexander Technique practitioner and trainee doctor. We were lucky enough to have a qualified disabled doctor also attending the course to see if he would benefit from it.

The course was very informative. I learned alot about how the brain works, the pain messages we get, the brain-fog, the side effects etc.

We had sessions of managed activities, relaxation sessions, questionnaires to complete so they could give us one-on-one sessions during the course. There were many war stories from attendees as we had all sorts of things wrong with us.

I ended up being the class comedian - I'm a gregarious large woman with huge breasts, but very bendy (I could still do the splits at that time) so I was the "dummy" who did the show & tell exercises when the consultants wanted to show how things were done. It was a good laugh, and also showed me that I was actually coping better than many people. There were some attendees there who resolutely refused to budge an inch in attitude, which I found very sad. They were missing out.

I rated the course 10/10 at the time and would recommend that anybody attend if they can. For me, the advice on how my medications worked and interacted was quite a revelation. My scripts have increased massively since then, but my body has assimilated the chemicals relatively well compared to some! That said, my dizzy spells are now being monitored as it could be the high levels of Gabapentin causing it grrrr.

I am now determined to get back to doing the splits again as I stopped doing my stretching exercises. I dig out the file of information from the course now and then and remind myself of what/why/when etc, and then go back to pottering about doing the stuff that makes me feel good, and resting/pacing between cos that's what makes a big difference.

Good luck at your course, Suzy. Let us know how you get on x


Of those who have attended the course did you get your life back? Were your energy levels back to pre-fibro days?


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