I posted last week everyone, and was going to doctors yesterday as all my symptoms seem to point towards fibro, anyway I was in and out within minutes. She said my symptoms are just recovery from my operation in January, now I know it was a major op I had but I feel that I shld be recovering now , where's I seem to get worse as the days go on, I'm exhausted today , doc didn't listen to my symptoms at all , she did say I could have poly alga but was nightly unlikely . Don't know where to turn now. How do they know how you are feeling on the inside. I'm concerned about this spasm in my right arm , it's happening all the time and I am wary even of holding a cup or glass in it, sorry for the moan, xx

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  • Can you see a different doctor or complain to PALS about the lack of support you have recieved?

  • Hi trekster, thank you, I'm going to phone on Monday and speak to the doctor again, it was a locum I got so will explain i wld rather have one of my own gps . Just getting ready to get there has exhausted me so not up to doing anything today , xx

  • Hi Hun get back to Drs cheeky cow I would report her for being so dismissive, I hope you get an answer to your problems Hun here if you need a chat.

    Take care

  • Thank you, it so helps you to realise you are not going mad when you post here and people give you advice 😊 x

  • I'm sorry you're feeling fobbed off again, I don't think docs like self assessment so they get defensive and don't actually assess you themselves, Palm you off with 'it's most likely....' It's most likely the easiest way to get you to leave more like.. Let another doctor deal with it.. Kind of thing.

    That's why, myself included, starts thinking its a mental health issue... Because no one listens or seems the slightest bit interested so it 'must' be in our heads.

    I'm undiagnosed, I'm doubtful anyway but I need to know if I'm crazy or not.

    I really hope you find someone, a professional that looks deeper into your symptoms and you as a whole.

    Best wishes x x

  • I know what you mean Sibbs, I honestly am starting to wonder is this all in my mind, but my husband is worried about me , he says he can see the pain written all over my face and my friends when they they visit will say in very drawn looking, I just feel a shadow of the former happy go lucky, hard working person, mum, wife, friend that I was and so want to be that again . Thanks Sibbs xx

  • Since you just had surgery I would assume that this doctor is not experienced with the symptoms of Fibro. If possible, I would find a Rumatalagist or someone who understands Frbro. Doctors can be very arrogant and think their patients are just complaining. They tone us out. If he saw you for just a few minutes then he did not take you seriously.

    Best of luck.

  • Thanks Mark, I think you are probably right , I have since found out she was a locum filling in so maybe not really that interested, just wanting to get through her day , I saw her leave the surgery just after seeing me, the lift was broken and she skipped past me and my son on the stairs without as much as a glance . I will phone and speak to the doctor on Monday again and make sure I get one of my own for the appointment, I'm to tired to do anything just now , thanks Mark, take care xx

  • I think if I were you, I would make another appointment to see a different doctor. I wouldn't come out and mention Fibro, I would ask for tests to be done to start to the elimination process which could encourage them to think of Fibro?

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you, I am going to make an app to see another doctor , make sure it isn't a locum. I didn't mention fibro at all just told her all the things I have been feeling but it did come back to my mind last night that she mentioned poly myalgia. I'm not sure I have fibro , just a few people have said that my symptoms all seem to point to that . Anyway I had a call yesterday and have an app with my neurologist next Thursday which was initially September , so I'm now worrying they have found something on my MRI scan from the other week. Seems there is always something to worry us .

    Thank you for your reply , have a lovely day , Morag x

  • Good luck with your appointment x

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