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Hi everyone it's been a while since Iv been on, well I'm no better than I was 2 months ago, sore, fatigued, aches,headaches, sharp stabbing pain in my head, my meds have not changed still on Fluoxatine and Tramadol. But they are not working help guys I'm getting so down with it all but like a lot of others I put on my brave face grin and bear it but it's gettin so hard.

In the past Iv had gabapentine but they spaced me out


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Hi Granniecrochet

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. It may be apt to discuss a change of medications with your GP or Medical Specialist?

If Gabapentin did not agree with your system there is always Pregabalin that you could discuss with your doctor? There is of course Nortriptyline, this is the same as Amitriptyline but without the sedative effect, this may suit you better? Again, it may be worth discussing this drug with your doctor? Fluoxatine and Tramadol are both powerful drugs and, like all drugs, they have a great number of side effects which could be contributing to the way that you feel?

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck, and I sincerely hope that you start to feel more like your usual self again soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks Ken

I have also had pregablin but could not remember the name so didn't add to comment I will ask my doc about nortriptolin thanks again.

Have a good day



Hi Granniecrochet

It's funny , all of us seem to be taking this mixture of heavy duty drugs, some working better than others for different people. But you did make me question -"what is feeling better"?

I'm on a mixture of full power pain killers and antidepresents just to "tone down" the symptoms enough to allow me to work, but like you, I'm a long way off full power most days are a continual struggle of staying awake and trying to concentrate - never mind the constant pain to go through 1st thing and then building up through the day.-- makes me wonder- is this as good as it gets?


I synthesis with you I am at the point of giving up on some of the mess they give me as I am not getting any positive affects from the them Gental hugs xxx


Hi, I've been on tramadol aand the side effects were awful so now I'm on codydramol and amitriptyline. These both have been helping me with pain and sleep at the moment, maybe you can see if they're good for you. Good luck and gentle hugs.

Gillian xx


So sorry to hear this. Hope you can find something that will help you. My GP just keeps me giving me stronger doses of codeine. Even though I keep telling her it does nothing for throbbing ache I get. It just makes me a bit spacey. Good luck x


I was not allowed tramadol with fluoxetine as it's overload of seretonin. ..Google it...also I'm on fluoxetine but am not sure they are the best ones for fibro as they make me tense my muscles more. I'm going to ask for change when I go fibro clinic as my GP didn't know lot about fibro.

don't get me wrong though at first they really helped with depression (well after 8 weeks) now though I'm not happy with the fact they are suppressing all my emotions as I can't cry anymore and feel like I need to have a good cry with everything I've been in a summary I would say they are good short term for depression but not long term...I take cocodamol for pain and mostly takes the edge off but I have to take them on a regular basis :( hope this helps xx


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