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Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time as I've been on a bit of a journey. I've had Fibro for 10 years now and as mentioned in my old posts, I had more or less accepted it and was starting to manage a lot better. It has taken a long time to build up to being able to exercise, I never thought it possible. I was on a combination of amitryptiline, citalopram and tramadol and was finding life a lot more manageable. I have also been having a sports massage every fortnight which helps with the tension in my back and neck.

However, my mind was still very foggy and I felt rather numbed at times and unable to think properly. Flare ups were still agonising and stressful. I was feeling that as i was exercising, I was so close to maybe living pain free but something is stopping me. I read a book called how to heal your life by louise Hay, which was great as I started to realise a lot of things that caused me stress, my mum mainly which I won't go into. Also, fibro started to snowball for me when I was pregnant and I was in excruciating pain when I was training to be a nurse, it was like a trigger that turned on fibro and I can't turn it off! I have since spoken to a man from school who is into German new medicine, and I've had 2 sessions with him and I've done lots of research. It's a very interesting theory, and as I'm very open and willing to try anything, I have been working hard on myself to identify what thoughts trigger the tension/heaviness/aches/ spasms etc. I don't fully grasp their whole concepts but I do feel able to control my thoughts. I thought I was a positive person who was 'I can' about things but I wasn't, as just because I said IT I didn't believe it. I have now come off all medication and sometimes have 1 tramadol to get me through an exhaustive heavy episode. I'Ve always known that a hot shower and relaxation is the best painkiller for me, stress makes my fibro 10 times worse. It isn't all in our heads, grrrrr, but I think maybe we are susceptible for carrying stress etc in our nervous system. I'm finding yoga and relaxation very therapeutic and my pain levels are at 10% instead of 80%. I know my story isn't possible for everyone, but I'm a healthy 32 year old, who has had many conflicts over the years, and feel that there is light when you have this condition. It has taken a long time. The fear of not being able to walk again (as I used to be) is one I have to tell myself that whatever happens, I know I can get over it and get myself better again. My energy levels are great, not all the time, and I'm also very aware of what I eat. I have learnt that junk food or eating unhealthily makes me feel terrible and in a bad mood. This now makes sense after watching Dr Bergman on YouTube as serotonin is Mainly produced in the gut. I don't bother with the GP anymore as giving me more pills is not addressing why I started to feel this pain in the first place. This condition is mind boggling, as for many people we are trying to find out why! I hope people find some relief in however you manage your symptoms. I know its hard to exercise, but when your body is stronger, tasks are easier to do. I can now carry my son without crying and thinking I'm going to drop him and causing back pain for days. It is easier said than done, but the more I don't move the worse I am. Ps the fog isn't bad now as my mind is clearer, I think the Meds made it worse too. I'm sorry if that's a bit jumbled up but I was trying to write things as they popped in my head. Live, laugh, love and don't give up,

Lots of gentle hugs to you all, Angie x

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  • Hi Annie, it's lovely to here from someone who has found a way of dealing with this condition, I am sure your experiences will be very helpful to those who can't pinpoint what has caused their fibromyalgia, I have had fibro myalgia for 15+ years now and like yourself have been on a journey to help myself, unfortunately my trigger has been a physical accident which damaged my back, I do find positive thinking and meditation very helpful for managing the pain. Your are right in saying that stress aggravates the condition and can make things worst. It's a bit of a vicious circle when you are in chronic pain as the pain stressess the body out and the mind. Gentle hugs and best wishes.

  • Thank you for your inspiring post. I hope that everything keeps on improving for you.x

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences. Congratulations to you for sticking with sorting out what helps you.


  • Thank you so much for your post, it is inspiring and very interesting. I want to wish you continued best of lcuk and I sincerely hope that your health stays really good for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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