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Feeling positive

I am feeling very positive today, I have just spent the afternoon at hospital talking to 20 medical students about what it is like for me having Fibromyalgia and I found it such a positive experience, as nervous as I was my consultant was there too with a very friendly face and he was very grateful for me taking part but all of the students were so nice, I just think it is a good thing that they are learning more about this condition and not just learning out of books but talking to the patients themselves and getting things from their perspective.

I also told them all about this group and how important it is to be able to talk to others who share the same problems and to get the support and advice, and I have to say again that joining this group has had such a positive effect on me, so nice to share the good times too :)

Ness xx :)

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What a wonderful opportunity, both for yourself and the students. It must make a huge difference to them being able to talk to someone who really knows what it is like to have this condition, I just hope that more and more students get this kind of opportunity because real life beats book knowledge hands down. Well done you. Linda

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The more hands on experience they get the better which I's why I never refuse a request


Well done and thank you,it will help us all in the future.

There were students with both my Rhumy and Neurologist. They were encouraged to join it and make it a three way discussion and i was happy to take part.



Truly wonderful Ness :)

Thank you for helping to spread the awareness and hopefully the next-generation of medics shall have a better knowledge of this illness :)

Well done for being so brave too!

Healing soft Fluffies for you

Xxx sian :)


Well done Ness. It is really positive that they are listening to us - they care, woohoo! Thanks for being our embassador!x


Well done Ness by attending and sharing your experiences I am sure they have learnt a hundred per cent more from you than from any text book. I wish that every hospital department did that as they could also relate to you as a human being and all the processes you have had to go through. I am sure they have gone away with so much greater knowledge and with more emphathy for people with this illness.x


Thanks everyone for all your lovely replies, I wish that all hospitals did this too, the students did comment to me that they felt it was better to get to talk to us too rather than just the text books so it just goes to show that we all benefit from this type of learning :)


That sounds absolutely wonderful.

Good luck



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