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Hi, I am not a regular writer on here but do read most posts. I am at a loss today. I have been really poorly since before Xmas with chest/throat infection and stomach bug. I have fibro and arthritis. I applied for pip last January 2014, and finally have my appointment for assessment today - the appointment is in Lambeth, South London on a Friday late afternoon. I live in Hertfordshire and would need to get a bus, train and tube and then walk all in peak time in London. I sat and cried! If I could do all this I would not class myself as disabled!!! Anyone else had this problem?

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Hi Shelly,

It is terrible that you have had to wait so long for your appointment and that they are expecting you to travel so far!! You should call and tell them you need a home visit or speak to CAB and ask them to help.

I hope you get awarded the pip

Gentle hugs

Becky xxx

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Hi Shelly

Ring up the telephone number on your appointment letter and tell them you need an appointment closer to home. When I got my appointment it was miles away, it would have taken me over one and a half hours to get to the appointment. There was no way I could have made such a journey. I rung them and it turns out that there was an assessment centre less than 10 minutes from where I live, the operator on the phone changed it to that. I went for the appointment there, and although it was gruelling experience, two weeks later I got a positive outcome and was awarded PIP. I am sure that they initially give you an appointment that is miles from your home, so to see if you can turn up to it. Also, if you go on the ATOS webpage you can see where the assessment centres are throughout the country. If none of them are near you, tell them you will need a home visit.

Good luck Shelly, don't let them grind you down



Hi Shelly

Just been on the ATOS site and have copied the assessment centres for London. Don't know if any of them are closer to where you live. If you need to check out the website it is

Good Luck,


Note: These sites are not used for PIP consultations. Click this link for PIP consultation centres used by us

Please select from the following list of assessment centres (A-Z):












Morning Shelly Cop

To get to your PIP assissment sounds extreme for any able bodied person. May I suggest you ring them explain and say for example how far you can walk with out pain . If that is 20 yards or less I think they will come to you. If you can manage 100 yards they wont and you possibly wont get PIP.

Do get your GP on your side a letter from hin/her saying how badly disabled you are goes a long way.

Best wishes




I applied in April 2014 after losing my job through Lupus, Fibro, arthritis and eye problems etc. Finally got an appointment on 3rd Jan after lots of chasing, turned up feeling ill, sick and in pain to find the office shut, it was a mistake and I have to go back on March 3rd. Finally got home and took 2 days to get over some of the pain and a further week of being a zombie. I'm normally house bound so found the car travel, train and 2 tubes each way too much to handle in the freezing cold.


hi shelly , reading this brought me back to my daughter. she had an assessment to which she had to travel only her uncle took her there, she was a nervous wreck when she got there. due to her anxiety attacks and so on. so did she get it no. and to add to this she panicked so much she went missing forgot she got a lift there had no money and walked the whole way home as she cant even get on public transport . do they give a damn noo. so there you go. they do this because if you can travel and walk you got no chance ?


Hi, my heart goes out to you, I would have sat and cried as well. Do you think that this is a possible test? Because as you say if you could do all of that you wouldn't be disabled. I personally would phone them and tell them the truth and see if they can offer any kind of help, if they can't then ask them to put it down on record that you have complained and that you will have to consult your doctor to see if they can help. Then I would do just that, ask your doctor if they can help, surely you can't be the first person that this has happened to. I hope that you do indeed get some much needed help. Huge hugs. S xx


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