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PIP Tribrunal

Had benefit for personal care and mobility since 84.Still got benefits on DLA.had to apply for PIP,sept 14 due to age.Assessment was in sept 14.I asked the asseror if she was medically traind,i was told no.i asked if she she could take my benefit and car away.she said no.two weeks later ,i had a letter saying i get reduced care and im not entitled to my car any more.

i then had 3 private medicals to support my tribrunal this year.pip rang a few months ago,and told me ,i had wasted money on these medical reports.we only want to know about your walking.this report is about your joints.And your joints have nothing to do with your walking?Anyway the paperwork has not been to the desion maker as i asked who had the power to reduce my benefits,and have my car taken.oh that was the assessor.

i do have an advocate who did a submission for the tribrunal.Iin it she disagree with the points for my washing /dressing and mobility. and she asked the panel to look at the new medical evidence and to make there desion on this.

wE went to the meeting on mon 16 did not go as expected.the dr on the panel started first.He wanted to know how a disabled lady managed to travel to london alone in advocat ,said this is not what we are here for.But he still insisted on an answer.

my father was dying,and i made arrangement with the rail,for assistace.I got a taxi to the station.Help on to the train.met in london by daughter,on to another tain,then met by brother.

There was lady from the elderly sector,who was asking about my food,cuttig it up and cooking it.again my advocate ,said this is not we are here for.

I am diabetic,on insulin,and asthmatic with inhalers.chronic pain all over.i take 2 morphin tabs a day.And oral morp.but the panel was not interested in this .

the lady judge was more interested in my state of mind,when my father finally died,on xmas day 2013.she kept on asking if his death had any effect on my disabilities.

So it was no surprise to get the result,which was that that they agreed with the assessor.My advocate has already told me,that if i appeal against this,i could loose all benefits.

I am angry ,that someone who is not medically traind has the power to stop benefits and take my car away.i was assessed at home 10 yrs ago,by a Doctor,that was what i was expecting to happen.

I really dont know what to do now,as i will be 65 next yr.I live alone.i did have a carer 3 times a week,but that was stopped 4 yrs ago.

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Matty, I am so sorry this is happening to you! I am in the US, so don't know the agencies and such, but I think it stinks from way over here! Stress is a big factor in fibro yet these "officials" or even doctors pay no attention to their part in raising that through the roof. Hugs and healing to you!!


Hi matty51

I am so genuinely and sincerely sorry to read that this has happened to you. Your advocate is quite right in that you could lose more / all of your benefit by appealing, so it is not an easy choice to make. I am presuming that this assessment took place as you will be eligible for Attendance Allowance soon?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



thankyou for your kind words.I know i will gwt attendance when im 65.But i wont get a carer to help me.i had care up till 4yrs ago,when i h ad high rate DLA.i was assessed at that time.Just befor xmas ,i had a letter from DLA,telling me ,that they have rec a complaint about me,which stated that ,i have been defrauding the government for over 30 yrs.I was not told who made this complait.however the only organisation that knew i had been getting disability and care all those yrs ,was social not someone that just hands out my personal details.anyway i was to be investigated,at that time i did loose my carers.10 day after rec that letter from DLA,i lost my highrate care to low rate care.

my gp has done several refferals for home care to know avail.


i appologise for that last post.I wanted to explain the reason why care was stopped,and why i will never get care again

is there anyway ,icould complain about the tribunal.My advocat and i understood,it going to be about my mobility and washing/dressing.And it wasnt the panel never mentioned that.only from 3 yrs ago.the tribrunal was not about the assessment ,i had in sept 14.


Hi again, please do not apologise as you have nothing to apologise for. I have pasted you some useful links below that explain how to make a complaint about the tribunal, services and the service providers. So I genuinely hope that you find these useful:

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this, and from what you have written it sounds like you really have been dealt a bum deal by all of this! I would also consider taking in some legal advice from one of these firms that offer a free consultation to ascertain exactly where you stand and what your options are?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Matty,

I am so sorry to read that this has happened to you, it's simply unfair. As Ken has suggested you can apply for AA soon. Get someone from your local CAB office to visit your home and fill in the form for you, they are very good.

You also said that you had carers a few years back. Have someone get in touch with the Social work department and get them them to assess you for Community care, where some of your personal and cooking requirements will be met. xx

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i had personal care for many yrs.$yrs ago,i was sent a 75yrs old social worker,everytime i answered a question i was called a liar.She had arthritis ,the same as me.but because i was unable to do those thing,i was a liar.i had no witnesses to this.and i was told it be hard to prove,as she is a scocial worker.

my gp has tried several times to get me help to no avail.

what i miss is my car,my lessons were going so was a hand control auto.I would not have the money to pay care and have a car,also now have to pay some funds for mortgage.

I am trying to sell,but want my own place,i dont want to go into social housing.


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If you can appeal further then take it further. Contact Citizen's Advice Bureau to seek advice and help. Anyway, I would submit another claim immediately just in case you lose any further appeal/court case, etc.

I only hope you can get this resolved and get justice.

Love and Hugs

Twinkling Star Xxx


my advocat was CAB.she has advised me to drop it.i am trying to move,if i move before my birthday in april.i will appeal.if i move afer april,i will be able to get attendance allowance,but not mobility.i have not been able to socialise for many car meant everything to me.

i doubt i would be able to get a car,pay a mortgage and interest as well as personal care ,out of my money.

thankyou for your wishes.


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