Ladymoth our volunteer will not be about until much later today

Ladymoth  our volunteer will not be about until much later today

Why do I still get surprised by anything Ladymoth does... Had a frantic call this morning... I can't be on the forum this morning in fact not sure when I can make it today... Well visions of illness disaster and all sorts flew through my head.. I could hear creaking and groaning what's going on I yelled.... Then she owned up. Last night she decided to try yoga... There were three classes going on , beginners .. Intermediate... And advanced , due to fibro fog striking at exactly the wrong moment she saw the advanced class and though it meant advanced in AGE so she slid in to join that class.... If she ever gets untangled she has promised to pop in.

I would go help, but I live too far away and am too busy laughing...

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  • Thank, that made me smile, a lot!!

  • Well, poor Moffy ... maybe advanced Yoga is not for her maybe try Tai Chi instead !

    Must say how good would she be at Twister tho ! every cloud and all that !

  • Hi folks, I'm back! Thank you VG for exposing my totally understandable mistake!

    I am none the worse for my adventure, tho' the nice doctor in A&E said it might be another two weeks before they can get my leg down from behind my neck.

    He said "How dumb can anyone get!" I said "I'm not dumb at all dear - just a bit deaf" - well, they're very busy so it's no wonder they get muddled!

    I don't think I'll go to yoga again. They're doing a course in bungee jumping next week, so I'll try that - I mean, how difficult can it be to jump over a bungee?

    Yours backtofrontwardly Moffy x

  • easy ! they're only 3" tall but it'd be better if they were in their cage... oh Bungee jumping!, my mistake. :D


  • Perhaps you should try some practice first and try jumping over Sandra's budgies, NOT while the cage is hanging from the ceiling

    Helen xxx

  • drat vg you beat me to it!

  • Giggles annoyingly


  • OK budgie jumping sound like great fun! Will practice on next door's parrot!

    Moffy x

  • Why do I get the feeling this is not going to end well?

  • you could buy one of those baby bouncy doorway hangers.[not for the budgies]

    the baby sits in a harnass and jumps up and down.

    I'd quite like a go!

    they have something similar at fairgrounds, and butlins, for non-littlies.


  • Rolf I am now imagining moffy strapped into one of those contraptions they are rigged up over trampolines and the harnesses make you look like a sumo wrestler....

    Sumo moffy the bouncing ninja :D

  • Hello all, hope you don't mind a newbie jumping in your fun and games, but I have a neat solution to offer, There are things that you hang from the ceiling and are made of fabric in which you lie on your front and supposedly do some form of yoga exercise,

    It's possible you could hang several about the place, with strategically position budgies and or parrots to watch over you whilst you make quite a fool of yourself......hehehe

    You all sound so nice now, I was a member a long time back and there seemed to be a lot of back biting going on, which accounts for my absence for so long, now you all seem so kind, supportive and jolly, I have read serval posts which have had me dashing to the loo, well as fast as I can dash anywhere these days !

    As ever, very foggily x

  • Duh me, meant to say that they are called anti-gravity swings !

    Enjoy. Foggily x

  • the image of all of us bouncing around from floor to ceiling had me chuckling out loud thanks foggily.

    I think half of us would be screaming, the other half would be asleep!

    boooiiing time for bed says zebedee.

  • Presactly Sandra hee hee, it could be a joyful mix of chaos and snoring........ I'll take the snores and you can deal with the chaos....... Are there any bounds to my generosity. Hee hee


  • bounds - I like it :D

  • everyone is welcome :)



  • Most welcome anytime :)

  • Can I join the half doing the snoring? Sounds like a great idea.

    VG - can you fit one of these in your tank? Do they float?


  • Yes I look like a sumo fish and the bubbles sometimes end up inmy gills but its vey relaxing


  • Sounds like a jacuzzi :-)

  • Hi fibrofoggiest, glad you came back. There's no backbiting to be seen now, as far as I have seen. Everyone is lovely, friendly and supportive.

  • Nope no backbiting ... Unless you count the time Ladymoth lay on her false teeth in bed by accident :D

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