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Do I consider myself to have a disabled ?

Filling out a job application form today and the question towards the end was 'do you consider yourself to have a disability?' I pondered this for a while...should I tick yes and stand by the loyalty of Fibromyalgia and all that we are trying to work at for recognition, and risk the stigma of being 'disabled' or do I jut sit on the fence and hide my condition and the condition of all those people with Fibromyalgia? I thought 'you know what I am what I am and you need to get over it and take me as you find me'.....YES I DO CONSIDER MYSELF TO HAVE A DISABILITY....DEAL WITH IT....I HAVE TO!!

hope everyone is having a good day!

Jax xx

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Hi jax

Ur probably best being honest as you cant (in theory) be discriminated against for having a disability and unfortunetly the effects of fibro on the individuals health can be hard to conceal. If your employer knows you hav a debilitating condition she/he must make adjustments & allowances to ensure ur health and safety while at work and most bosses tend to be more sympathetic to your situation once they have been put in the picture. Gud luck with your application and remember having a disability doesnt define who we trully are :-) ur not known as disable jax ur jax who just happens to hav a disability xx


Hi JaxxL,

The best thing for you to do is be honest about your disability from the outset. If you do not declare your disability from the outset you will open yourself up to being dismissed later on:-) The main question you have got to ask is, can you do what they are asking you to do? If the answer is yes then make that clear on the application and sell yourself in other ways. Like the previous comment says, your disability does not define who you are. I am in a job now that I can no longer manage due to fibro so I am currently seeking another role with my current employer. I did put on my original application that I suffer dyslexia and eventually it showed itself through my work. My employers haven't made any reasonable adjustments and now I have Fibromyalgia the trend continues!lol. Good luck with your application and be positive:-)


Brilliant and very difficult but to accept you are disabled

is a giant step forward and it starts to become easier to deal with.

Some days I find it very hard as I feel ok and no different inside. Realization creeps in when you cannot do things that once were easy!. Positively move forward react to each thing as it happens one day I am unable to use hands another I am fine. It is what it is So be honest with your self and good luck. xgins


morning Jaxx. I am in the same situation. I had my ESA stopped because I didnt get enough points at my medical or appeal.Although I gained an extra 6 points at appeal, still not enough. I was told "your ESA stops now and to sign on and look for work. I was asked by the jobcentre "do you have any illness or disability that prevents you looking for work". If I answered "No", Im putting myself at risk of doing something that seriously affects my fibro and other illnesses, and lying to potential employers, wasting their time and mine.. If I answered "yes", I dont get any benefit at all. So i was forced to say NO, because I have to eat and pay bills. The same goes for job applications. But I put "Yes" to disability on them, because for one, I hate lying, and two, Id be wasting their time should I be taken on and I cant do the job. That would happen over and over, and I cant physically, mentally, or financially keep going back to jobcentre to start at square 1.But while Im being rejected for work again and again, I still have money coming in. I know I cant hold down a job and do what I have to do at home.LIFE is a strain without the added struggle of work, so I'll be proving that Im right and the DWP are wrong. Not that they care. Would david cameron throw himself under a car in the road and still go to work with the injuries, knowing he'd make himself worse? Dont think so.But thats how fibro feels to us, and we're expected to work? Hes got no idea. Injuries are (hopefully) a one-off, but fibro is incurable and an all day, every day struggle,for life. If a job comes along for me that I CAN do and pays enough for me to live on, then yes, I'll give it a go. You look after yourself and do what you know is right for YOU. Good luck whatever you decide. x. (sorry I went on a bit!!)


For you to be protected by employment law in relation to you condition you need to. if you do not you will may not get the support you need it. including reasonable adjustments and disciplinary proceedure for example if company policy is three abscences in a year means disciplinary action if you declare your condition abscences DUE TO THEM cannot be subject to the disciplinary as it would be discrimination.

Sorry if i am repeating anyone else i am too pooped to read fully.

Good luck


Thanks everyone, fortunately I already work for the council on a temp contract and am applying for the job I'm already doing as permanent contact has come up. They have been very good and I have a special chair , mouse and keyboard. It just got to me this time on the form and I thought you know what I'm going to make if official!!

hope your all having a good day xxx

Jax :)


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