Smells! Smells,smells.

Hi guys is anyone having problems with smells, especially bad smells, I cannot Stand them I feel sick,last night I was out with some friends for a cuppa and a chat, lovely time then it was time to head home in the snow. Well as I lifted my scarf off the seat I was sitting on I got this awfull wave of a horrid smell, it was like sour milk, I ignored it and was leaving and got another wave, well my scarf was the sorce of the smell, when I got home I undressed and my trousers stank too, and you guessed it sour milk, and me being me was sick ! Someone must have spilled it on the seat wow won't sit there next week.

Have a good whatever your doing.

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  • Many of us are sensitive to different odours causing all sorts of problems, sour milk though has to be up there as one of the most offensive. I hope you have recovered now. Lou xx

  • Yes thank you.Lou

  • The smell of bleach makes me sick, in fact even thinking about it makes me feel sick.

  • Oh really I'd be lost without it around the house.

  • HI Granniescrochet

    I am so sorry to read that and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I do not have this problem myself but due to my medication I have issues with taste. I constantly have a strange taste in my mouth which I find quite unpleasant.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I have experienced this from time to time, I get a sort of metal taste not nice but it comes and goes, right now my main problem is sleep, not like a lot of you ppl out there unable to sleep, I could sleep around the clock and still feel tired its so bad at times I'm in bed more hours than out of bed, I do try to be more active but with the weather here in not so bonnie Scotland right now it's hard cold snow wind.

    Thanks for your reply take care


  • I've nothing useful except sympathy. I can take rotten meat but rancid fish and rancid fruit are anathema.

  • Hi Granniescrochet my family find my retching at the slightest thing highly amusing. I also have emetophobia so am rarely sick. I am with you on the bleach smell I swear by it and have a stash under the bath. As for the triggers sour milk really is a nasty one. People look at you funny, on the rare occasions when I do eat/drink out, because I have to wipe everything. It is either that or retching in public which just won't do. Good Luck x

  • Yep... I've done the same but mine is slightly different! I actually smell things that aren't there!!....Whilst taking my washing out of the machine I turned to my daughter in law and said... " does that smell of cat pee to you?" She laughed so much and said "why on earth would your washing smell of cat pee? haven't got a cat!!...It smells of Lenor softener like it always does!!

  • Lol x

  • My fella reckons i've got a superpower of super-smell! I can sniff anything out, and if there's an unpleasant smell around i literally can't focus on anything else (which is sometimes a problem at work as a couple of my classes have BO problems!) WE went to a pub the other month and every time the men's toilets opened i got a whiff of urine and disinfectant. Nobody else could notice it! :-(

  • I know how that feels smelling things that other ppl don't notice.

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