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I was diagnosed with fibro 4 month ago my partner walked out on me 3 days before Xmas I had a horrible flare up and in result of pain lost my job I have 3 children I'm currently taking amptriptyline and naproxen for pain is there anything else any one can recommend to me im having a really hard time coming to terms with this I feel like my whole world is changing x

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I am so sorry for you Amethyst69, having been diagnosed with fibro on it's own is a blow, but to have your partner walk out just before Xmas is horrendous. Big hugs to you my love. My heart goes out to you and your children. Yes, I'm afraid your life has been changed completely - it took me more than a year to come to terms with losing my job, luckily my Hubby stood by me and supported me during this time, and thankfully we're still together, just, but being in pain and always tired does tend to push even the best of relationships. I'm on pregabalin, co codamol and amitriptyline, which seem to control the worst of the pain, have you had a chat with your gp about your options? Try a heat pack/ hot water bottle, gentle massage, exercise or meditation as well as meds. Also distraction therapy to take your mind off it - this site works wonder for that - look out for the fun posts you can join in to take your mind off your problems, just for a little while. so, welcome to the fibro club, hugs and welcome to this forum may you find help and love from fellow fibromites, Julie xxxxx


Thank you so much for your reply Julie I will try ur suggestions at the moment I'm feeling like I won't be able trust another man after what he done but I've still got my children and now I have found this site I'm hoping slowly I can rebuild my self and come to terms with this situation in in thank you once more x

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Awww you poor love, if he can behave like that maybe you are better off without him, though I know it probably doesn't feel like it at the moment when you must be feeling very raw .

You have certainly found the right place to come for support and advice, we can only speak of our own experiences with medications, so please do talk to your GP and perhaps he can refer you to a pain clinic or a pain management course. There are links on our mother site fibroaction.org where you may find support groups in your area together with info on specialists or rheumatologists who may be able to help you further.

As Julie says, this site can be great fun, so do feel welcome to join in some of our silliness, it releases feel good endorphins, so that can't be bad can it ? :-)

I have recently taken up colouring books, not child ones but ones more intricate and suitable for adults, though some children have looked in awe at one of the lovely books I have so I'm going to end up buying some as pressies. I find this colouring really does take my mind off other things, especially if you are struggling with emotional things on top of physical things, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Others find things like mindfulness and guided imagery relaxation helpful, so there are just some ideas for starters for you :-) :-)

I very much look forward to seeing you around the forum :-) :-)

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-) :-)

Foggy x


Hello Amesthist. im Sue and i am sorry that you have this horrid illness, even more so that it has split your relationship.

it is always most difficult at the begining when you are learning how to cope and more importantly how to pace yourself so that you dont over do things. I am afraid a lot of things like dusting and vacuming every day will have to go without and be done less often.

Dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it and learn to relax.I find hot showers help with skin irritation and hot baths with lavender bubble bath helps with both pain and relaxation.

the going will be hard with three children but you will get there , there will be good days as well as bad and as you learn to cope and your meds are sorted things will improve.

Ask your GP to refer you to pain clinic where they can try different drugs and ways to control the pain.

I am so glad that foggy has given you the link to fibroaction, Ive fogotten it . again

We will always be here for you, so i will let you get to reading and will see you later.

Gentle hugs sue.


Sorry to hear about your pain and circumstance. I'm new of here and got diagnosed 2 months ago but still waiting for my gp to get me on amitryptaline. Got a letter yesterday to ring him. I find a hot bath helps bit with 3 kids that must be hard to find time. I have a 2 year old and disabled husband so struggle to find time too. Hope your flare up settled soon! X


Hi Amethyst69

I have read your post with so much pain and sorrow for what you have endured and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. There are many different kinds of medication that you could discuss with your GP or Medical Specialist for help treating your Fibro.

I have pasted you three links below to three of the more common used medications for Fibro, all of the links are on the NHS Choices cache of these drugs, so I hope that there is one here that would suit you better, and may be worth discussing when you have your next appointment?

NHS Choices - Gabapentin


NHS Choices - Pregabalin


NHS Choices - Tramadol


I personally take ''Pregabalin'', and I have only been on this medication for about two weeks so it is too early to tell if it is going to work for me as I have to increase my dosage of the drug every two weeks. I do have other medications for my Fibro which are Nortriptyline, Metocloperamide, Co-Codamol.

I want to wish you all the best of luck, and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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So sorry you have have so much to cope with. Afraid I find stress makes things worst so try to reduce that.

You will need to sort out your finances as well as your pain management, please seek out and accept as much help as you can.

Look after your young ones they are going to be in shock as well.

get some time outside, hot water bottles for localised pain, and watch / read comedy.

gentle hugs


Thank you so much all of you for your kind words and advice , I've been told to apply for benefits since coming out of work little unsure of what I,ll be entitled to as I've always worked x


Hi again Amethyst, I hope you are beginning to feel a little better, it's always nice to know you have people who you can talk to and get help from and you will find that here for sure :-) I think you will find information on the main site which I gave you the link to.

There are several types of benefits you can be eligible for, firstly if you think you may be able to work, which from what you have said I think may be unlikely, that would be Jobseeker's Allowance and it may be good just to apply for that immediately to tide you over until you get other ones in place. You need to go to a Jobcentre and ask for the forms. Then there is ESA for if you are unable to work long term due to health issues. Ask for the form, but don't be put off by the size of it. There is also what was called Disabiltiy Living Allowance but is now called Personal Independance Payment, PIP which is a non means tested benefit for those disabled by their condition, even if they can work. Again ask for the forms. The best way forward from there in my opinion is to go to your local CAB and they will give you help with filling the forms in and they know how to do so in the way that will achieve the best possible results for you. It is a big ask with 3 children to be looking after, but hopefully if they are of school age you will have some time once they go back after the Christmas break. There may be other benefits that you can apply for as well, but those are the ones I've had experience of.....again the CAB will point you in the right direction on any others you may be able to get.

Also do remember that your husband should pay maintenance for the children and don't let him fob you off on that one, I know it will be so very difficult with all the raw emotions you must be feeling right now, but you do have people here with you to share your feelings and give you all the support and advice we can, hopefully a way through this horrid situation can be found for you very soon, and we will help all we can.

Again, sending lots and lots of positive healing vibes your way :-) :-)

Foggy x

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Looks like the bottom just fell out of your world. For which you have my great sympathy. I cant add to the excellent advice above.

Loads of hugs (still dishing out cinnamon scented ones) and good wishes for the future. X


Hi hun

My name is Mary and im so sorry to hear what must feel,like your whole w,rld has just fallen apart,and I also no how raw your emotions are right now your heart must be broken hun

And on top of all that you have fibro to deal with and 3 kids,and from someone that has been exactly where you are now believe me there is light at the end of the tunnel, I hope you have a good gp that you can go and chat to that's a major bonus hun, you could discuss medication that will help with your pain sweetheart,

I came across this site by chance and thank god I did it really helps me it's amazing because we are all sufferers of this horrible illness, everyone here knows exactly what we are all going through xx This site is my support group hun I don't no where I would be without it so I really hope it does the same for you xx

Remember one thing hun your heart may be broken now but it will eventually heal. and try and say to yourself and I no its hard esp when your hurting "2015 is going to be a new chapter in my life" he clearly not the man for you if he could walk out on you at time like this xx its his loss and when your stronger in time you will eventually trust men again hun there is still a few good men out there xx

I wish you all the best for the new chapter in your life xx I hope it's pages are full of good health happiness and support for you and your family xx

Best wishes ♥Mary


Hi Amethyst69

My heart goes out to you, you have so much to deal with at the same time i echo all the advice you have had in other replies.. My name is Sue and I have had fibromyalgia for approx 22 yrs, people are right to say it feeds on stress so try to work through the inevitable problems one by one YOU WILL GET THERE its amazing the strength a Woman finds when she gets dumped on, as someone else said for him to leave you at such a time is despicable and hes not worth getting upset about, although I know you will but time is a great healer. The CAB has been brilliant with my daughter, helping on the financial side filling in forms for benefits etc. This site will help as you can find people with the same symptoms which lets you know your not alone or crazy its just another quirk of the fibro. The important thing is to pace yourself and listen to your body rest when you can, take help from family and friends, you say you had a horrible flare the important thing to focus on is you will feel better than you do today. Sorry if I sound like i'm rambling on I just read your post and as I said my heart goes out to you, So gentle hugs and take care Sue x


I kind of know how you feel. My daughter suffers from Bi-polar and 7weeks ago her live in boyfriend of 6years packed up and left without saying s word. She had 3 Boyd and her rent is 2200.00 a month. She started working 2 months ago and she will have no where to ho after this month. They are going to therapy but hasn't given her a dime. I thing this is also playing havoc on my fibromyalgia. My fibro is 3 years of daily pain. I take oxycodone with tylonol because nothing works. I can't take antiinflammatory drugs because they make me bleed . I also take deep breaths to calm me down. I hope things

get better for you. Diane


Hello Amethyst69,

Sorry to hear you have joined our world of Fibro.

As others have said your not alone and if there is anywhere that I found support it's here.

Sending you gentle hugs.

Hoping today is a little better than yesterday.

Blessings Be



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