my fibro life

my fibro life

Hi,my name is Tracy and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia exactly 1 year ago.I have since grieved for the life I once lived,its as if I woke up one morning and was instantly old. I have this condition quite chronically,and my Mum is my full time carer,depression makes it a hard graft but im getting there. Pain never goes away but I wake up every day with new intentions and hopes and dreams. A smile goes a long way and im sending you all huge hugs xxxx

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  • Hi ya iv had it for 10 years and am in pain every day! Medication takes the edge off have you been given any? Hugs x

  • Hugs - I guess in a way I'm lucky, I've had fibro since I was 11 ish and I don't remember life without it, I know I was more active but I don't remember being able to do things without pain. I still yearn for a life without it, but I can't remember.

  • hugs to u girl, ive had it about 15 yrs, good times n bad, wish u well xx

  • SNAP Tracy its a life changer i have had it 4 yrs now and like yourself it has hit me hard more so the last couple of years.. this site is fantastic because we all know how each other feel and we dont need to say yes i;m ok and i feel fine....Hugs to you...

  • Hi is so hard when a lifestyle change has to be made....I'm not that bad that I need a carer....but I used to be very active...and now I can't do half the stuff I used to otherwise I'd be on the floor....

    Still, we'll get there xx Hugs to you too x

  • Hi Tracey, welcome, I to am new to the site but not to FMS. I often get up in a morning with plans on what I want to do that day but somehow I seem to forget about it either due to the pain or my increasingly bad memory.

    Hugs to you x

  • ((Gentle hugs)) I know exactly what you mean about grieving your lost life. It took me about two years to get past the frequent bursting into tears and anger at how unfair it is. I still have times when I weep over it - usually after I have over done things and am tired and in pain. Life changes and you have to choose what to do carefully as energy and strength is limited (not to mention pain prohibiting things) but you can still have fun, just pace yourself carefully or set aside recovery days.

    x x

  • hi good to meet you, yes im new on here to, i had fibro for 27 yrs, and in all that time i think this is the best site ive been on.....collect chiped plates and when you get frustrated at something that you used to be able to do but now cant, go throw a plate against a wall.....feel much beter after that.....xxxx

  • i was only diagnosed 4wks ago, sounds silly but was happy as now i know im not a hypochron lol i do feel if u pace yourself get bit easier, but when im bad i force myself to do 10min on my bike then later on if not too colkd a walk. honestly it does help. the more u feel u cant move, a bit of movement does help lot of love

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