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So after months of agony with my knees, I was finally able to get an MRI authorized when I couldn't walk and all muscles in my legs were killing me. The results showed meniscus tear in my right knee and cysts and bone bruising in both knees. I've learned through my own research, that my calves were in pain when cysts ruptured. I don't know what would cause bone bruising and cysts but definitely need it figured out because my hips have actually been hurting a lot longer than my knees have.... It is the same kind of pain and while I know I will never get an MRI authorized, I would bet if one were done it would show bone bruising and/or cysts. Does anyone know about this or had MRI results similar? I don't understand why I have to be in pain all the time! I take 900 mg neurontin, wear 10 mcg butrans patch for chronic pain, and 10 mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Any insight appreciated! Thanks.

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  • Do you have hemophilia?

  • I don't think so. I know I'm anemic and I know I needed 2 blood transfusions during pregnancy....

  • This is really interesting. Very sorry that you are hurting but also glad you have found out what is going on with your knees. Are they going to do anything for you?

  • See ortho today. They better do something because the pain is fierce and I avoid bending at all costs....

  • Pretty much not much. Said I'm too young for kneecap replacement. Gave me cortisone shots in both knees, script for PT and braces for both knees. Said to avoid the things that cause me pain like stairs and hills. I'm beat...

  • I have had exactly the same show up on MRI scans. I have been told that the tissue damage is due to having a condition called Hypermobility syndrome since birth. The joints in my body are unstable due to laxity in the ligaments. When you walk the joints wobbles around causing bruising to the bone and tearing of surrounding tissue. I have also been diagnosed with AS (ankylosing spondylitis) where the cartilage becomes inflamed and over time turns to bone) I have had the meniscus in my left knee repaired but it just tears again, so I refused to keep having it repaired.

    I am an Asthmatic so I cannot take anti inflammatory medication or morphene based opiates. I have a leg brace for my left leg (which is amazing) but after walking brown bruises appear around my joints.

    Good luck with everything and I hope this reply helps you.

  • I am asthmatic and on Morphine and Tramadol. I had slight problems at the beginning but could not live without them now. My problem is similar to Fibro Why. I am in intense pain in my knee and until I was given steroids last week the pain was unbearable. I have just been given them again to get through Christmas at my daughter's.

  • I was just given steroid shots in both knees so let's see if that brings any relief....

  • It does! Thank you for the input. Do you have other problem areas? I'm sorry you have this issue. Sounds terrible but it sounds like you have better doctors too! Feel better, friend!

  • Yes zany discs in my spine, seven at the moment, have prolapsed do to the fusing of the cartilage and my feet are totally flat and can be bent nearly in half due to hypo mobility! I am an asthmatic and have Pernicious Anemea. I have a thyroid tumour but the dangerous but has been removed. I am having a CAT scan tomorrow to help with my stomach issues OMG I sound like a hypochondriac LOL! Would you believe that until I had a full hysterectomy eight years ago I had my own business! Things fell apart after that I even got a BA Hons in Psychology that year!

  • As a matter of fact I absolutely do believe that! I also have a BA in psychology and was in great health until - wait for it- I got pregnant! Man, a woman's body is an amazing thing. Anyway, during pregnancy and ever since, my health is plummeting in a spiral fury! I do hope all goes well with your scan tomorrow. And don't worry about sounding like a hypochondriac to us. You're in a no judging zone! Take care!

  • Thank you. My main complaints, as far as pain has always been my legs - hips downwards. It has recently been aggravated by a fall out of bed which seems to have brought on the current issues. I also have asthma, depression (If I hadn't had it before I would now). gout and an essential tremor (which used to bug me most). My pain was bearable but the tremor was uncontrollable and very annoying. I also have a stoop to the right which means the pressure is on my right leg which is the painful one and I thought that was the problem.

  • Sounds like hypomobility syndrome, it can effect you in two ways one your skin is extra stretchy and the muscle has to work twice as hard to support the bones, or your muscles can become hard tight and notted,, which cause's the muscle to work harder and become tired which is what causes bruising its something to do with Cologn , I suffer this every day specially my knees and hips elbows wrists feel bruised and sprained, I wish you look finding help with the pain, let me know if you find out anything new because so far I'm on so mucheds and patches I become immune to them xxx

  • What you're describing sounds more like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I'm under investigation for this. It's very commonly misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia.

  • I'll look into it. Thanks. I'd never heard of it before...

  • Just wanted to thank you again. I just got off of the website informing about this....Let me just tell you. It was like reading up on me and even some of my family members! From the easily bruising to early onset of osteoarthritis to the Seemingly overrating of pain to the hiatal hernia and even the marginal abruption that I'd had while pregnant!! I am definitely asking for this test! It even covers the latest symptom other than pain, which is muscle weakness. I did test positive for sjogrens but other rheumy didn't want to confirm with lip biopsy. New rheumy wants to set it up. Even if it gets confirmed, I will still follow up with this because it can even explain my grandmother's "rare blood disorder" that caused her to die at 38 if she had the vascular type! And it explains why my aunt has severe osteoporosis in her 40s! Thanks so much for the info, friend!

  • I've been looking into this too very interesting. I have bladder problems and my Mother had osteoporosis. Im having tests for Gastrointestinal issues and my gums always bleed. I also suffer from mouth blood blisters and I get clicking in my joints. My skin isnt ageing prematurely though but is a little thin but Ido suffer from palpitations and breathing problems. The spinal problems ect and pain if sat in one position ect is all true. I may ask about this thank you! Why is it the medical profession don't pick up on this stuff instead of making you suffer?

  • That sounds terrible and to be immune to the pain meds? Awful. Do you have access to a hot tub? Heat is my friend usually. With your muscles being affected, it sounds like you would benefit from tens unit also. Both help my back when I'm hurting really bad. Hope this helps...

  • I use Arnica both as a pain reliever gel and as a bath soak. One of the hospitals I go to did some research and apparently it is as effect as a steroid injection. By the way trammadol makes my heart stop I was given it in A&E and I passed out. They had to call the crash team. Morphene doesn't kill the pain. Found that out after my hysterectomy. I was on a giving machine and the pain was excruciating apparently it was doing anything for me.

  • Ugh. Well at least you know about the arnica. I hadn't heard that one before...sorry to hear of your troubles. Rest well tonight!

  • Yeah being a qualified aromatherapist comes in handy. Night c

  • Eucalyptus & mint or lavender & chamomile... Plenty of good night herbs...

  • Only problem is mint is a stimulant and uplifting, not good for night time but great to wake you up and eucalyptus clears your airways but can be problematic for an asthmatic, due to it strong odour. But chamomile is good, relaxing and anti inflammatory not to be used if anaemic or if you take blood thinners ie Warfarin, as it thins the blood. I often mix arnica, chamomile and lavender together it's brilliant! Lavender is a relaxant and natural painkiller. The French used to use it to disinfect their hospitals, many years ago of course.

  • I also have hyper mobility syndrome have along with osteoarthritis have hip knee and hand problems just had hand surgery but i cant get them to redo my knee replacement which is now almost 8 years old and has been useless from day one it has now loosened they did an MRI and said there is lots of fluid and inflammation but they absolutely refuse to do anything i have had over the last 30 years around 20 operations to keep cleaning the knees out las t night i would have happily amputated both legs from the waist down i get so frustrated with it all. It would just be nice to enjoy a bit of quality of life whilst i am still fairly young well not old anyway but they keep saying i am too young had problems with my knees since i was 14. Only got new knee through BUPA as NHS refused if i was still with my ex husband and had bupa i would have had new hips and two new knees by now. The system is unfair my ex partners mother who is elderly but was still able to kneel to garden and walk around saw a knee guy and he said the knee is worn but its not essential to replace it he even said he would wait she wasn't in a great deal of pain just took paracetamol. But she demanded it be done even though i said she was taking a risk i have met many ladies who have had to have it done twice because first time failed. I saw her last week and she was practically running. I was so envious and a little angry at the same time as without sounding rude she is not a nice person she met me 4 times in the 4 years me and the ex were together and shaded nothing but slag me off about one thing or another along with doing the same about every single member of her own family that was first meeting. She then did everything she could to split us up and was so delighted when she managed it.

    I hope they manage to do something for you don't let them fob you off if you can help it. Good luck xx

  • It's so aggravating because the man just told me that I'm too young for knee replacement yet there's an older lady I work with who has had it done and she gets to run around and not be in pain. And I'm much younger and must be in pain every day? Not sure that makes much sense. But then again I would hate to have it done and not be successful...

  • My MIL was just like that. She wanted the marriage stopped and contacted his officer (he was in the navy) to see what he could do, as he was 20 not a lot. Then when we did get divorced about 18 years later she wanted him to marry me again. She was always quite hostile even when we had to live there for a while.

    Still she's gone now and my ex and I are still best mates.

    It's a shame when we're in this pain to have another unnecessary burden though.

  • Agreed!

  • I have had the same problem. They tell me that replacement would help as ALL my joints need replacing. Yet you see people who are not experienceing half the problems having replacement. My husbands mother didn't have half my problems, I've basically only got tiny knee caps too, and they gave her a knee replacement and she would do any of the remedial exercises after and it's been wasted. It makes me really angry

  • I was diagnosed with a bucket handle tear in my knee in August and had a operation on the 2nd of December am on the mend but not pain free yet good luck

  • Thank you and feel better!

  • I hope it all works good for you and eases your pain x

  • Thank you. Me too!

  • I want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I genuinely hope that you can get the correct treatment.

    Take care


  • Thank you, Ken. I appreciate that!

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