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Advice / reassurance re MRI

Hi All. Firstly, I'd like to say that as I am quite new to this site, I am blown away by all the advice, support and encouragement offered. I wish I'd known about it long ago!

Secondly, I am going for an MRI on Tuesday for a problem with my shoulder. The x-rays showed something, but they don't know what it is - they think I may have broken my collar bone 18 months ago (when the problem started!) without knowing. For various reasons I am going to this appointment on my own. Never had an MRI before, and I'm feeling quite nervous. Worried about having to lie still, as I often get the shakes, particularly in my legs. Can anyone offer advice on coping, reassurance about the process, tips for taking care of myself - share experiences etc.

Thanks in advance

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Hi kaz,

Welcome to this site its lovely to meet you. :)

I have had an mri in dec, it was a brain one to check for ms, thankfully i havent.

Well, I was a bag of nerves, not like i would let on though. At first it is quite nerve racking if you go in head first but i can assure you that you will be absolutly fine. You have a button in your hand taht you can press at anytime if you need to get out.

It is rather loud and the noises are weird, but the best thing you can do is close your eyes and think of nice things. I was in about 30 minutes and honestly it flew in.

Good luck hun, and you will be fine i promise.

hugs, kel xxx


thanks kel. It must have been worse being on your head. I think my head will be clear of the machine, so I won't feel too claustrophobic! I'll go armed with a mental list of nice things to think about, that's a good tip. Just hope the 'fog' clears long enough for me to remember them - lol!


Hey Kaz, Calming & gentle hugs to you sweetie.

I've had a good few MRI's over time and the best advice I can give is to take deep, cleansing breaths before you go into the machine and once in there, in your head say to yourself as a chant "If it helps me - then it'll be good for me" and think of anything that makes you happy. To be honest, I've had so many things go on medically in my life that I just let things go over my head now and let those in the know do their jobs.


Carol x :-)


thanks Carol. I'm a bit anxious as it's a new process for me. Also worried about what they will find. Can't beleive I could have broken my collar bone and not known! So wondering what it really is. Will combine controlled breathing with beautiful thoughts. At this rate, I'll be enjoying it so much, I'll ask for another one!


LMAO! Way to go Kaz!

I can fully understand your anxiety. And to be honest - I always think the worst and if it happens fair enough, I was expecting it - But if it's good news? Wayhayyyyyyyyyy! All the better. Am an all-or-nothing gal and can never find a middle. :-P

Hugs and love,

Carol x


hi kaz,

As kel and cadee says think of nice things and nice breaths.

i also had a brain MRI friday just hgone and the staff are lovely and make you feel very relaxed. if you have a cd take it with you so you can sing along to it, not that you hear it greatly for the noise lol. i hav had 3 MRI's and only rememberd dressing gown on my 3rd lol so dont worry about foggy head. i did not need it either. kept clothes and boots on.

my neck one though i had to strip. the gowns are sexy hehe hmmm not!!

Yes you have to keep still and you have a little bally thing you hold onto incase you had enough and need a breather.. they ask you are you ok they can seee you .. i just kept eyes shut like jezher and no idea what i thought of now .


Wishing you a lovely MRI


ohh hmm xxxxxx huggles xxxxx


Hi Kaz, I too have had a few MRI's in my time - whole body, neck, head etc. I have an odd way of describing it - like being in a giant toilet roll LOL! I close my eyes before I go in as I feel a bit closed in. Other than that - I just drift off - deep breaths. sometimes they play music into the headphones you wear, and I have taken in my own CD's before - as I had them quite regularly at one time fcos I'd had spinal bleed. The thing is - it isn't as bad as anything you have already gone through - so take the opportunity to relax. we are all with you holding your hand the whole time. xx


Thanks for your support.

One of my lovely thoughts is going to be about this great community I have just found.


Hi Kaz

Are you going with anyone? When I have mine i ask if my boyfriend can come in the room and he sits at the foot of the bed and holds my foot and just rubs it softly. By doing that and with my eyes closed I can forget where I am.

I imagine walking on a beach.

Hope it all goes well, Im sure you will be fine.


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