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Grants or Help

Hi all

Its about any grants or help I can get , I have looked on line at the Government wed site and unless I get ESA or other earns related benefits there is nothing to help me.

At the moment I am in the WRAG but don't get any money they just pay my I.N.

I get PIP high rate on both .

I can't get in the bath on my own to have a shower because our bath is old with high sides.

The stairs are a problem to.

Any words of wisdom will help thanks for reading.

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Have you been in touch with your Social Services Department or their Occupational Therapy section and asked for an assessment? Every council is different I am afraid in what they will provide but it is worth a try. If yo worked in a certain trade there are often charities associated with those that might help you. Turn2us also have a grants section on their website where you can search for charities that will give grants.


thank you I will try them out.


I can only echo rosewine, I hope you get some help.

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Hi kate_penny

I also echo what has been said by rosewine, as Social Services Occupational Health is probably the best route to follow.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


you need to contact the occupational therapist dept at your local social services initially. But also contact your borough council for a disabled facilities grant - they will need an OT report in order to release any money - i got £30,000 which was the max 5 yrs ago


thank you I will let you know how I get on.


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