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Ok guy's just wanted to pass on some info to you that u might not be aware of if you are getting ESA, DWP etc you need to be very clear on something any change no matter what it is even if it is income, divorce you get a dog no matter how small that happens in your everyday life. That includes if you can make a cup of tea and you could not before you need to let the benefits agency know all of them not just one, you are better writing and keeping a copy in a folder as I am certain on a daily basis you will need to do this. I am not joking any work u do even if unpaid or charity does not matter what it is u need to notify them of if u could not go to the loo yourself then can does not matter if you know that 2 days later you will be the same. I have just been pulled in by them for not disclosing that my circumstances have changed on a regular basis on and off for the past couple of years, it does not matter that the forms say you must have been like this for the last 3 months and it must continue for the next 6 months. They want every detail no matter what even if you divorce you are meant to let them know shocking and they are ruthless beleive me

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  • Keep a copy of all your paper work, forms anything you send in to

  • Hi Can I ask what you were pulled in for? you don't have to tell me.

    I got approved for a blue badge and had some hand rail put in the bathroom to help me in and out, do I need to tell them about this?

    Mazz xx

  • No u dnt have to tell them anout hand rails x

  • i have had care call installed do I have to advise them of that please ?

  • I dnt think so i think she means if u get married divorced or wk x

  • Anything installed or supplied for the reason of support does not need to me disclosed however it can be helpful to tell anyone that asks that you have these to give you a better quality of life. Because you may not be able to do anything without them.

  • It is everyone's duty whether getting benefits or not to notify the DWP of marital status, it has to be recorded on your national insurance records, so divorce may or may not effect you if you get benefit but i'm afraid you still have to notify them.

    as for any other changes in your daily life, they do not expect you to be phoning them or writing to them every day, but again if on benefit th paperwork that comes with your award notice or uprating details it says in there that you have to notify them.

    if you do have regular changes i would have thought that if youy keep a record and notify them say once a month but any more than that it would have to be dramatic changes which mean that you don't need the benefit any more then you have to tell them straight away. hope this helps a bit xx

  • I had a lady from the fraud dept of Incapacity last year. They had been "advised" that I was working. I was in fact doing volonteer work in a small local chaity shop. She told me then that even if I was doing any other charity work I had to let them know

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